Tyvek suits

Choosing a Tyvek suit can be a daunting task because people are unaware of several things about the making of these suits. Well, we’re here with detailed information that will surely your life and budget. First of all, different types of Tyvek suits are made for different working employees. 

If you’re working in an industrial and healthcare place, you need to wear Tyvek suits all the time. The main reason is that such sites are very dangerous just like battlefields because hazardous chemicals can contact yours frequently. In this regard, the Tyvek suit helps to stay secure and safe from environmental hazards. 

You can say that they are extremely effective against dangerous particles pesticides, fibreglass, fertilizers and many more. Although many brands and sites are selling these suits, we’re thankful to Alibaba for making it possible for users to get an easy approach with premium quality making material. 

Who use Tyvek suits in their jobs: 

It’s a million dollars question by people who can wear Tyvek suits? Well, the answer is quite simple everyone who is feeling the risky attack of hazardous particles in the environment must wear a suit. In addition to this, professional people who are dealing with chemicals and other dangerous particles must wear them all the time. Here, the complete list of employees and professional workers that widely used these Tyvek suits are: 

  • Firefighters.
  • Medical technicians. 
  • Laboratory workers. 
  • Biological researchers. 
  • Military personnel.
  • Environmental contamination professionals. 
  • Hospital employees. 
  • Paramedics and many more. 

How do Tyvek suits work: 

The latest research highlights that a Tyvek suit is a coverall dress that is worn in dangerous situations to keep the body secure from any sort of chemical attack. It also protects people from dangerous environmental substances, viruses, radioactive materials and many other particles. In this manner, they’re not made with a traditional piece of cloth. 

Special layers and materials are used in making that are completely chemical resistant. In addition to this, airtight materials like PVC, Teflon and insulting based things are present in the suit that avoids all the harmful radiations and particles to pass through the layers. 

They isolate the person from dangerous particles and are flexible enough to allow the proper movement without causing any trouble. Tyvek suits are also gas-proof that withstand smoke and high temperatures of the environment. The wearer will not feel any difficulty in breathing because each garment comes with breathing apparatus to supply clean air to your lungs. 

Types of Tyvek suits available: 

The easiest way to determine all the types at one glance is to go through Tyvek suits that are designed for particular job types. However, our deep analysis highlights that Tyvek suits are made in almost 6 different types and each type protects from different hazards and chemicals. 

  1. A chemical suit protects the body from unwanted explosives and hazardous materials. 
  2. A hazmat suit is the second type and it is designed for the safety against flammable gases and liquids. 
  3. Liquid-proof suits are perfect for security against splashes and spray acids.
  4. Type 4 protects from petroleum oils and dyes. 
  5. Tyvek suits are made for protecting the body against airborne particulates. 
  6. Type 6 are the basic level suits that avoid the flow of dirt.