What is Handyman Called?

Many people opt for specialization in a particular field to get a dream job. But some people have multi-skills. They have a knack for doing so many things. They learn fast and adopt new things very quickly. We call such people handypersons. You might not know the term handyman, but you must have seen them working around you and handling different things. 

Other Names For Handyman

A handyman is also called a handiwork, a fixer, or a handyperson. He is an expert in a wide range of skills, including repair, maintenance, exterior, and interior. His employment is also considered side work, odd jobs, or fix-up tasks. Following are the qualities of a handyman:

  • Quick: Handypeople are quick enough to do all the tasks. They utilize motorbikes to reach the location on time and minimize delays. They are renowned for their speedy assistance.
  • Trained: Handymen have to manage a lot of tasks. They do not do anything without knowing every detail about it. To enter the business line, they first get training from different institutes and experience by practicing. They are professional, skilled, and trained. 
  • Customer-Focused: Fixers provide support for every service. They agree to redo a service if their customer is not satisfied. They also take customer feedback to know about their weak sides and improve them.
  • Equipped

Handypersons are smartly uniformed. They are equipped with the latest tools required to accomplish different tasks. These tools may include a utility knife, screwdrivers, gloves, claw hammer, level, tape measure, wire stripper pliers, shop vac, adjustable wrench, and cordless power toolset. Besides this equipment, they have special tools or machinery for doing tasks in which they are specialized. 

  • Capable: Fixers can do both large and small jobs. They can handle almost every type of routine problem like fixing windows, painting, etc. From fixing a small Muslim shower to constructing or repairing a house, you can count on them to do the work for you. 
  • Affordable:  There is no doubt that handypersons are incredibly talented people. Most homeowners prefer to hire handypersons because they have relatively cheaper rates. Yes, it’s true. Handypersons do not cost you much. If people hire someone from a big company to solve a minor issue at the house, they will run out of budget at the end of the month because large companies have higher rates. But do-it-yourselfers accomplish the same work with the same efficiency at a subordinate price. 

It would help if you considered the following factors before hiring a handyperson or get one from handyman dubai.

  • He should have general skills: Handymen are known for their considerable skills. Skills are the first thing that you should observe first. Their experience in this field and previous customer reviews will tell you all about them. 
  • He should have insurance: It is essential to check the insurance of the handyman that you are going to hire so that you remain protected in case an accident or injury transpire during the project. 
  • He should be certified: The handyman you charter should be a member of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. This way, you will have a notion about the general aptitudes they possess. The ACHP certified handypersons give priority to their customers. 
  • He should be reliable: A handyman is a person you can rely on. He should be trustable enough to work in your house. You can get an idea about his reliability by checking how punctual he is, how consciously he listens to your needs, how energetically he meets his deadlines and how honest he is with you. 


Handypersons are the ones that people often need for resolving minor issues. It’s not that they can do everything. They are called handypeople because they command a wide range of skills. If they do not know how to do anything, they will refuse you to save your time and money.