What Is Mindful Eating & Why You Should Be Doing It

Every new year when the clock hits 12, we are all overwhelmed with this sudden enthusiasm to change 360 degrees. Although that level of lifestyle change is not possible if you lack the time or affordability, you can always practice mindful eating.

Mindfulness has been coming up in the healthy lifestyle spectrum for quite some time now. It is not just about giving into diet culture or cutting down everything, but whatever you are doing, doing it consciously.

If you are looking into mindful eating and drinking as a new health initiative, then you are on the right track. This is a lifestyle choice that allows you to take a healthy middle ground without trying either of the extremities.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the common mindful eating and drinking practices you should follow.

What Is Mindful Eating

In simple terms, mindful eating is not just eating with your mouth but all your senses. Food is something to be enjoyed and eaten consciously if you want the nutrients to work on your body.

You have to let your senses decide what is good for you, what you might dislike, and what your body is rejecting. In short, listen to your body and mind.

What Is Mindful Eating Not

With the definition given above, many might get confused about what mindful eating is. Here is what shouldn’t be considered in mindful eating:

  • Trying and struggling to look a certain way. So, simply satisfying your vision.
  • Giving up and giving in to every nasty eating and drinking habit out there.
  • Overt indulgence in what others consider mindful and not listening to your own body.

Why You Should Continue Mindful Era

If you are planning to look into the matter of mindful eating, then these pointers should be convincing enough for you to begin.

1. To Satisfy The Body & Mind

Mindful eating overtly is about your body; at the heart of it, the concept delves into mental health. The well-being of your mind is also determined by what you choose to eat or drink. There is a reason why even your favorite food looks disgusting after eating it for ten days straight.

Your mind is asking the body to reject it. So, mindful eating will help you make eating decisions satisfactory to both your mind and body. Whether it requires a detox or you should be treating yourself within the limit of that craving.

2. To Prepare Your Body

If the Coronavirus and the following pandemic have taught us anything, it is the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Because that contributes to healthy immunity, Doctors say, our body has a way of understanding problems and covertly preventing us from something. So, mindful eating practice will teach you to actively listen to your needs and do the needful.

3. To Avoid Binge Episodes

Binge episodes often occur when you excessively deprive yourself of any craving. It is your body surrendering and your body eventually listening to it.

Mindful eating gives you the opportunity to quench your savory/sweet tooth once in a while. With satisfaction and fulfillment, one doesn’t need the feeling to binge.

4. Motivation For Other Healthy Additions

Once you start seeing the change in your body due to these mindful eating habits, it will automatically motivate you to do more.

  • Doing yoga or pilates to tone your body further.
  • Going for therapy to do something for your mind.
  • Start eating more home-cooked meals, and try to find a way to make them healthy.

5. For Saying No To Toxins

Mindful eating will teach you a very important lesson.

“Not be manipulated by your cravings, rather control them to your own will.”

Your body remains healthy when you take care of your mind and soul. Something one cannot achieve through external and poisonous stimulants.

Yes, we are talking about alcohol and other recreational items you are almost getting dependent on. Your body will always be rejecting the idea of toxins that are seriously harming the organs.

How To Eat Mindfully

Here are some of the techniques provided by psychologists, nutritionists, and other experts who have flourished in their health with this method. Here is how you can start eating mindfully.

1. Eat In Moderation

Try eating in moderation, no matter what it is. Sometimes, we do have a craving for fried food, and unless you have a serious ailment or allergy, you can consume it in moderation.

Do not keep a diary for everything you eat, but do keep a healthy record of the fried food or sugary delights to ensure you aren’t going overboard.

2. Learn To Add Flavour To Health

Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless. If you are not happy about your meals, there is a sign your body is showing.

You do not have a healthy relationship with food, and it can affect you later. Therefore, find sources from where you can order healthy and tasty food items. At the same time, learn how to cook a few dishes, as it will help you save money.

3. Try Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

For someone who has been drinking on and off for quite some time now, it is impossible to just not have another sip of alcohol.

That is why non-alcoholic wine and tonics are perfect for this situation. They resemble the fizz, taste, and smell of alcohol without the toxin in it. You can drink it anytime you like, and it is not slowly corroding your pancreas.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Need

Do not keep it under strict discipline without any room to breathe. Your mind will suffocate under stress to maintain a healthy diet every day.

Sometimes if you find yourself getting sick, dealing with weakness, running on low energy, or in a foul mood overall, maybe your body is rejecting a diet.

Do not listen to everything your favorite influencer says, Mindful eating is your own journey, and it shouldn’t be dictated through fear-mongering. Mindful eating shouldn’t feel like a threat. If you eat more than this amount of calories, you are doing it all wrong.

Everyone has an individual body with different requirements. Therefore, listen to that.