Why Choosing Mylar Bags Over Conventional Packaging Solutions Is The Smart Choice

Mylar has been a product packaging staple for several years. As production and digital printing methods advance, so have mylar packaging options. This short guide reveals the benefits of mylar bags custom packaging for your food products.

Maximize Protection For Your Product

Mylar is an optimal choice for packaging vitamin and herb supplements, edibles, candy, nuts and other snack foods. This packaging can be constructed from several kinds of materials:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Post-consumer recycled polymers
  • Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP)

These materials are also used in other flexible food packaging. So what qualities define mylar? Well, “Mylar” started as a trade name for a specific type of PET film by DuPont. Now, it refers to any flexible packaging with a stiffer consistency and a metallic look.

Benefits of Mylar Packaging

Mylar is usually constructed into customized stand up pouches. These pouches are popular choices for preserving freshness and aroma, but they’re also easily made child- and tamper-proof with features such as resealable press-to-close zippers. Standup pouches are incredibly versatile, allowing a wide range of customization options:

  • Sustainable substrate films
  • Anti-oxygen and moisture-proof barrier films
  • Easy-tear notches
  • Transparent/transulcent windows
  • Hanging holes

Custom Sachet Packaging

Stand-up pouches are just one food packing solution. Sustainable sachet packaging is also gaining popularity, offering similar customization options as full-sized mylar pouches. Sachets are smaller versions, each designed to hold a single serving.

Thanks to their smaller sizes, sachets are ideal for one-serving snacks, single-dose supplements and travel-size foods. With moisture-proof barriers and resealable closures, sachets can easily keep their contents fresh. Child-proof zippers keep curious kids out of your product. Like stand-up pouches, they can also integrate tear notches for easy opening.

Digital Printing and Production

Another excellent advantage of mylar packaging is digital printing. Rather than print labels and stick them onto the packages, digital print equipment allows images and text to be deposited right onto the initial substrate layer. Sealant film locks in these designs, preventing bleeding and rub-off. Barrier films form the third layer to keep the product fresh.

With digital print capabilities, package designs can be changed on the fly. They also let producers incorporate anti-counterfeit features such as QR tracking codes to confirm product authenticity. Finally, they allow smaller package production runs — helpful for limited edition or small product batches. Digital printing is typically available for both full-sized stand-up pouches and sachets.

Increase Efficiency in Transportation

Custom flexible food packaging offers another useful advantage: They’re much easier to transport. Mylar packaging is lightweight and often takes up less room than its traditional counterparts. More products can be sent to market with each shipment. Food producers may also incur lower costs for transportation and storage. In turn, less fuel is consumed and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Mylar: A Modern Packaging Solution

Mylar packaging has come a long way since its inception. Stand-up pouches and sachets can be customized by digital printing as well as key features like resealable child-proof zippers and moisture-proof barriers. With customer demand growing for convenient and sustainable food packages, mylar becomes an optimal, versatile and affordable choice.