Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server for Your Business

Web hosting is the backbone of your business. Initially, the wrong hosting can reduce all your efforts to create a business to zero. Therefore, most companies spend time and resources searching for an excellent hosting provider. You absolutely do not need to rent overcrowded and weak servers that cannot handle the traffic of your website or business.

You’re on the right path to understanding these concepts. Having the helping hand of an expert like Hawaii IT services for your business in Hawaii is a huge bonus in picking the suitable hosting that protects you from headaches and from compromising the data and security of your business.

Three Types of Hosting

There are only three types of web hosting. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Shared Hosting

Firstly, virtual hosting (shared hosting). It is the most economical of all hosting plans, where you can pay monthly rates starting from 100 rubles. Start-up businesses gravitate toward this package, which turns out to be insufficient as the site grows. Shared hosting involves you sharing a server with other sites. There are high risks of collective hacking, slow loading times, and frequent downtime.

Dedicated Hosting

Secondly, dedicated hosting. It is hosted for individual use, with almost no “neighbors”. This solution allows you to fully control server software and hardware.

Dedicated hosting can help your business grow, however, this plan requires more technical skills and usually costs more than shared hosting.

At the same time, you need to understand that you do not have “neighbors” in hosting, only virtually. In fact, your server will be used by several accounts, but unlike a virtual one, they work separately and do not affect another server account.

How to Find out the IP Address of Your Computer

Among the advantages of a virtual server are the ability to independently install the necessary software, root access to your account, and greater control over server settings, for example, editing the php.ini file. However, all this will require higher technical knowledge, which is not as scary as it might seem.

A virtual server is more often used by e-commerce websites, communities, and high traffic sites that require more server resources and a higher level of security. However, for some tasks this may not be enough. In this case, you need a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server

If your business or individual business tasks need to be completely independent from other accounts, real or virtual “neighbors”. If you need to fully manage all the nuances of setting up your server. If the speed, security and reliability of your website is of utmost importance to your business. If security is absolutely important to you, you need a dedicated server.

For example, your business is developed enough to use 1C:Enterprise software for its management and accounting. Wherein:

The 1C:Enterprise configuration is maximum or close to maximum;

High security of your business is important to you;

Businesses require secure storage for frequent backups;

You need 24/7, multi-user access;

24/7 technical support is important to you.

A dedicated server can provide all these and other tasks for your business.

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Of course, you need to understand that a dedicated server is expensive and hardly feasible for a start-up business. However, for a developed and successful business that cares about independence and security, a dedicated server is what you need.

A Dedicated Server is the best option for a business that already knows its worth and cares about its development. However, I would not recommend such a high start for a young business.