Why Invest in Professional Gaming Translation Services?

In the past few decades, the gaming industry has grown rapidly and credit goes to digital technology and mobile phones. According to statistics, people are more likely to play games in the evening instead of watching TV shows. Hence, gaming is the most fun way to spend your leisure time.

Gaming has become a lucrative business with great potential to earn a decent income if you hit the players’ minds. PUBG is one of the best-selling games played by millions around the world. The gaming industry is continuously growing, and businesses have to work on creating a compelling experience to capture more players. Getting professional game translation services is also one of the ways to make your game more relevant to global audiences. Let’s find out the significance of game app localization services and why businesses need to invest in them.

Understanding the Significance of Game Translation Services

To make your game a global hit, you have to consider many factors from game experience to its online visibility. Professional game localization and translation services can really help you get away with the globalization challenges and make your game an international success.

Increase Your Game Reach to A Wider Customer Base

The more customers you will target, the more sales potential your game will have. Translation and localization can help you create a global-level game that will have the capacity to engage wider audiences worldwide. So, when you have your game translated and localized, it helps you communicate across borders with people who don’t might understand the original language of the game. In countries like Russia and China, people don’t understand English and other foreign languages, they prefer to play games in their own languages. When you create English-only games, you are actually missing out on a massive bunch of potential players that can multiply your revenue to a great extent. Translation helps you unleash that potential in your game and allow you to increase your customer base.

Smoother Entry to A New Marketplace

If you are thinking about taking your game to the global level, it is not going to be easy. Being an outsider, you may have a hard time competing with native game developers whose games are more culturally resonating. Through localization, you can bridge the communication as well as the culture gap between you and your audience. It will help you smoothly enter the market and get noticed more easily because you seem native. By doing this, you can also increase the gaming experience of your customers because there are no language gaps. Moreover, your game has more cultural references that make more people connect with it.

Reduce Cultural Offense

When it comes to building a global game, you have to be very careful about the culture of local people. We live in a culturally diversified world, where something is acceptable in one culture and causes offense in another culture. Cultural symbolism in your game can make or break the overall reputation of your game in a foreign marketplace. For instance, if you are using snakes in your game you must know what they symbolize in different societies. In Christian societies, snakes symbolize evil, and lies, referring to the story of Adam and Eve. On the flip side, in Egypt and other northern American societies snakes symbolize immortality, fertility, and rebirth. So, if you are launching the game in Egypt, depicting snakes as a negative symbol may confuse the gamer.

Increase Game App Downloads for Targeted Regions 

As discussed, people are more likely to download and play games that are in their native language. It is high time for game companies to acknowledge linguistic and cultural diversity and create a game for global languages. doing this will increase their download and also improve the online visibility of the game. Statistics show that games that are translated into local languages are more likely to rank high on local play store results. Just like search engines, play store engines also rank the apps high that are regionally more relevant. So, there are a lot of benefits attached to language translations and it will enable you to capture a high market share globally.

Generate More Sales and Revenue 

When you make your gaming app more accessible to big markets and larger customer bases, it will have a direct impact on your sales. Game globalization means your business now has a high potential to make more sales and earn higher revenue. For instance, only if you launch your game in the Chinese market, you will have access to 685 million gamers who spend 44 billion USD on gaming. Similarly, in other Asian markets, such as Japan, and South Korea, you can significantly increase your sales just by translating your game into their native language. You can also get help from your professional gaming translation company to translate your game into multiple languages.


If you really want your game to thrive in the global marketplace, it’s time to invest in professional game translation services. Game localization helps you eliminate language gaps and make your game smoothly fit into local culture. Working with a professional translation service company like CCJK Technologies will help you streamline your game translation tasks and smoothly hit global markets.