Why Long Sleeve T-Shirts Are Becoming Favourite, Top Reasons That You Should Know

Most people consider long-sleeve T-shirts for their work because they think that this will keep them cool and also provide the next level of comfort to them. Yes, both these reasons are right but wearing a long sleeve t-shirt like gildan 2400 also gives some other benefits. Here are some of the reasons behind the fame of the long sleeve t-shirt.

  1. Protects from UV radiation

Nowadays, there are many brands that give the term UPF. The full form of UPF is the ultraviolet protection factor, which means the ability factor of the clothing to protect from the UV radiation, which is very harmful to the skin of human beings. These brands give this information on their clothes because a customer can know how much is the ability of the clothing is present that can protect their skin from UV radiation. If UPF term is not mentioned on clothes, it also has the ability to protect your skin from UV radiation because a normal full sleeve t-shirt also protects the skin from direct sun exposure.

  1. Cool and comfortable

Long-sleeve T-shirts are considered best for the all types of jobs like outdo jobs, indoor jobs and even corporate jobs because the level of comfort of these long sleeve t-shirts is high. A person can wear this t-shirt without any thinking a little. If you are seeking a t-shirt that can be used for styling as well as work, then long sleeve t-shirts are the best option for you.

  1. Moisture retention

Long sleeve t-shirts are an excellent way the retention moisture. All human beings sweat, and this process of sweating is to cool and manage the temperature of the body. In short sleeve t-shirt, there is a problem; when the sweat comes out from the skin, then it directly faces the environment and dries. Because of this, the skin of the body produces more sweat, and by producing continuous sweat, the skin becomes dry. To prevent this person can prefer a long sleeve t-shirt for better moisture retention and to protect his skin.


In addition to the above-discussed benefits, these long sleeves t-shirts can be wearied alone, with other pieces of apparel or layered with other clothes. Depending on the type of work, long sleeve t-shirt also protects from other elements like dust, dirt and other types of debris. A person can protect his skin from a wide assortment of potential irritants.