Young drivers Avail of a Standard Car Insurance  

If there is a standard auto insurance, there is also a non-standard version which is for young motorists who can’t just avail of the former because of the number of factors, including lapse in coverage, driving violations, the age of the driver, among others.

A high-risk driver could be someone that has a serious violation, such as a DUI or careless driving, on their driving record at the DMV. There are young motorists who will find it hard to avail of standard vehicle insurance because of their previous unimpressive driving records like auto accidents and speeding tickets.

Teenage Driving Record

Teenaged drivers are regularly placed in the non-standard auto products. Teenaged boys have the worst safety records and get the most tickets. Although teenage female drivers are more safety-conscious still they are considered as non-standard drivers, just like the young males. That is why there is a need for teenaged driver to be included in their parents’ insurance coverage. But the effect of this would be that the parent’s insurance would also get higher due to the inclusion of their teen children in the car insurance policy. Having Junior on his own policy with his own car can save Dad hundreds of dollars. According to the DMV car insurance is an essential requirement for auto owners.

The nonstandard market can be used by drivers who have a below-average driving record or drive high-powered sports cars or high value cars. Unless the performance of the drivers in terms of their driving skills are concerned are improved, they will not quality for the standard car insurance policy and will use instead the non-standard one. First month free car insurance providers normally would check the driving records of a driver for 2-3 years if he or she is a risky motorist. However, a DUI may stay on your driving record for up to 10 years.

Young Drivers Face Higher Premium

Also, there are certain companies that specialize in young driver insurance and getting a quote from them could actually help in your quest for cheap car insurance for young drivers. If you are a learner driver you should check with your prospective insurer with your driving license so as to benefit from the discount that accrues. Also, the type of car you drive will affect the premium you pay – remember young drivers looking to insure fast cars will face higher premiums.

You should note that certain companies offer certain gadgets for free to help make your driving easy. Such gadgets include: telemetric device, vehicle tracking device etc. Thus, if you think you are going to need those gadgets later on then it makes sense for you to get it along with your unique insurance cover as those are offered as a strategy for providing cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Sometimes getting cheap car insurance for young drivers without breaking the bank is difficult. This is because many auto insurance companies consider them high risk due to their youthful recklessness and a lack of driving experience. If you fall into the category of young drivers with less than 3 years experience, you will not be eligible for the 20% good driver savings and then you need to do the following in other to get a discount in your cover cost:

  1. Take advantage of premium reductions for factors such as; continuous insurance coverage within the last 30 days, short commute to work or school, good grades in school (may require proof). 
  2. The fact that many young drivers usually drive within a certain radius in a city (sometimes from school, back home, to a friend’s place and to stores and relaxation centers within the city) means the possibility of excessive speeding while driving is limited. 
  3. Good grades also reflect a certain level of academic commitment which could mean lesser time for excessive social activity and partying (and lesser possibility of a crash from an insurer’s perspective). 
  4. Cheap car insurance for young drivers is really a possibility when all your options are weighed.
  5. Avoid needless coverage such as “collision” if the vehicle’s value is insignificant.
  6. Have your monthly premium payment automatically deducted from your account to reduce billing fees.
  7. Better still, pay for your premium in bulk to totally avoid monthly billing fees (3 months, 6 months or one year at a time).

young drivers’s discount

You could also be entitled for more additional discount from your cheap car insurance for young driver policy if you put the following into mind:

  • Car alarm discount: You may be entitled to a premium discount for having an aftermarket alarm system or engine immobilizer installed.
  • Combined discount: If you combine two (2) vehicles onto the one policy, you may be entitled to a combined premium discount.
  • Membership loyalty discount: You may be entitled to a premium discount based on your current Membership level with your insurance company.
  • Multi-policy discount: If you have three (3) or more qualifying policies/covers, you may be entitled to a premium discount for each qualifying cover.
  • No claim discount: You may be entitled to a no-claim premium discount

Young drivers Non-Standard Program

Sometimes a 25 years old guy who has not maintained continuous coverage on his vehicle will be placed into the non-standard program. The insurance company figures that the person was probably driving without insurance for a period of time, which is high-risk behavior.

The best advice for drivers who are placed under the non-standard auto insurance program is to drive safely and defensively. Then, get new insurance quotes each year to see if your driving record qualifies you for standard rates.