7 Eye Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet Now!

Eye health is important for all reasons. None of us wants to look for those large glasses every time we have to search for something in our vicinity or look at a distant object. Though most of us are blessed with great eyesight naturally, our eyesight might get affected over time.

Poor eyesight sometimes becomes unavoidable. Many things can lead to the problem. Now even children are being born with compromised eyesight. I remember one of my cousins was born with eyesight trouble naturally and was taken to many best eye specialists in Lahore.

Over years, his eyesight kept on declining and there was an increase in the number. However, it was the nutritional compensation that eventually stopped his growing number. So, nutrition is of utmost importance whenever it comes to having great eyesight.

What are the Foods for Better Eyesight?

There are many foods for eyesight that can help to give you better eye function. Adding these foods to your diet can be a sure shot to keep your eyesight intact. Want to know what these foods can be added to your diet? Don’t worry you are at the right place. Here are the foods that you need for your everyday diet.

1- Fish

Well, this is something I grew up hearing. Eat fish if you want to have great eyesight as well as long hair. The reason why fish is so popular lies in its nutritional profile. Fishes are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid that is one of the key nutrients to support your eye health. There are many fishes you will find in the grocery store and can make a part of your diet.

2- Seeds

There are many seeds that you can eat daily to keep your eye function intact. Some of these seeds include flax and chia seeds. Nutritionally speaking these seeds are a rich source of vitamin E and other eye-healthy nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. However, these seeds should be added in moderation to prevent any side effects of eating these.

3- Carrots

When it comes to choosing eye-healthy foods, carrots are the earlier ones to make it to the list. Yes, carrots are rich in vitamin A which is essential for a great vision. Further, this vitamin has got an important role to play that is the synthesis of a protein that is directly associated with light absorption in your eyes.

4- Water

Yes, water. I know it is quite surprising for you to see water on the list but drinking water can help you to keep your eye health intact. When you drink enough water this keeps the dehydration at bay and can help you get rid of the irritated and dry eyes.

5- Eggs

Next in the list of eye-healthy foods, come eggs. Eggs are a good source of healthy fats and protein. Other than these eggs also contain some of the healthy vitamins and mineral nutrients such as zinc that make them a healthy addition to your diet.

6- Oranges

Oranges are quite rich in vitamin C that is beneficial for your eye’s health. The reason is quite clear. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight the oxidative damage in our body that can result in compromised eye function. Oranges being rich in vitamin C gives us enough reason to add them to our eye-healthy food list.

7- Leafy greens

Raw vegetables are always a good addition to make to your diet. These vegetables offer many health benefits as they are a good source of vitamin C and E alongside other healthy nutrients. Especially the vegetables rich in vitamin A are known to lower your risk of suffering from eye diseases that can toll on your eye health.

Bottom Line!

Eye health is important and eating eye-healthy foods can help us to keep our eyes healthy and keep their function optimal. However, foods alone are not enough as our other lifestyle practices also play a key role in our eye health.

From taking enough screen breaks to staying enough physically active can make you feel better when it comes to your eyes health. While you take all these healthy foods daily, don’t forget the multivitamin supplements that can help you to overcome the nutritional deficiencies. Further, it is also recommended to not skip your routine visits.