How to Create a Survey by QR Code?

There is a very particular tool in the list of methods to obtain feedback from people: QR codes. Surveying by QR code is one of the most popular methods today. These little codes are now everywhere: on a brochure, a poster, a magazine, a website, an invoice, products, at the bus stop, on a purchase receipt, etc.

Surveying provides a platform to create your own venture’s QR Code Survey that will help you enhance your business.

How Does QR Code Works?

A QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that your survey participants can scan to open and respond to the survey using their smartphone. QR codes are commonly included in printed materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, or receipts.

When creating a web link collector, survey owners or people with Full Access permission can upload a QR code for a survey. However, it is impossible to download a QR code if your web link uses custom variables.

Scanning A QR Code:-

When you scan a SurveyKing QR code using a smartphone or tablet, the corresponding survey opens on the device, and respondents can take it. Some phones have a built-in QR code reader, but you can also download a QR code reader app to your device.

Why Do A Survey Using QR Codes?

Use a QR code to cover various needs of your business or organization, for example:

  • To ask a new customer about your brand, product or service directly at the point of sale.
  • Assess customer satisfaction after opening your product.
  • Receive consumer complaints
  • Ask them to answer an online form and collect information for the customer database.
  • Provide access to additional information followed by a questionnaire: instructions for use, contact with the after-sales service, etc.
  • Evaluate the quality of service.

Advantages Of Applying A Survey By QR Code:-

  • Collect information without having the contact details of the respondents
  • A QR code can be everywhere: at the point of sale, on paper, on the web, etc.
  • You can get immediate feedback, which can be useful when hiring after purchase or providing a service.
  • QR codes can also be personalized, making them very attractive to the public.
  • Its use is easy and intuitive.
  • Being an interactive element, it gives your research a modern and technological touch.

Disadvantages Of Using QR Codes To Apply A Survey:-

  • You must have a mobile device to be able to scan it, as well as an application.
  • It is a survey that will usually answer through a cell phone, so it is better to have a short questionnaire.
  • The use of open-ended questions is not recommended (entering comments is more difficult than on a traditional keyboard).

It is impossible to know exactly who connected to your survey and what the respondent’s profile is unless you include demographic questions in your survey.