8 Home Improvements Projects to Tackle Before Fall

Ideally, you should be investing your time and efforts into home improvements all year round. An upgraded house feels more functional and comfortable to live in. Moreover, certain home improvements like a well-pruned yard or a new front door can boost the curb appeal of the house, making it one of the best on the street.

However, some home improvement choices are guided by the changing seasons, especially when the warm summer days are wrapping up. The fall season brings its own colorful chaos while prepping us for the cold harsh winter days that lie ahead.

Naturally, your house needs to gear up for all the fall excitement.

Make Sure to Insulate the Home

Before winter arrives, you need to insulate the entire house to make sure that you and your HVAC system are both comfortable. Improper insulation can put undue pressure on the HVAC system, making it work twice as hard, and tripling your energy costs.

Good insulation could include everything from wall and ceiling insulation to upgrading to cold weather doors.

Prep the Side Patio for Some Peaceful Evenings

Summers in Seattle are hands-down the best time of the year. While they’re short-lived, the days themselves are long and sunny, and absolutely perfect for picnics and outdoor barbeques on the patio. Naturally, after enjoying the patio during summer, you need to fix it up for some windy evenings.

You can start by putting away some of the more vulnerable inexpensive patio furniture sets. And then make sure the patio doors are in good condition, and if needed, then perhaps upgrade to iron French doors for the patio.

Power Wash the Exterior

In general, homeowners should consider power washing their homes twice a year. Post-summer and right before spring are ideal times to get it done. You can get rid of any lingering summer dirt and mildew to make sure it’s clean before the fall leaves come floating down.

Also, make sure the exterior doors and windows are power washed as well to boost the home’s curb appeal with glimmering glass panes on all your steel windows and French doors.

You may also consider engaging the services of a pressure washing company based in Seattle to help enhance the visual appeal of your home by making your steel windows and French doors sparkle with shiny glass panes.

Paint the House for A Fresh Look

Another thing you can do before fall is paint the exterior as well as the interior of the house. A freshly painted exterior will work as a beautiful backdrop for the trees with their beautiful autumn colors—make sure to install black steel barn doors where you can for a perfect rustic appeal.

This is also a good time to paint the interior, as you’ll be able to open the doors and windows to get the fumes out while the weather still allows it.

Swap Your Single Pane Windows for Double Panes

Old-school windows with single panes can be quite a pain during the incoming colder months. It can be much more trickier keeping the house well-insulated with outdated fixtures.

So, upgrade to double pane steel windows while there’s still time. It will be a worthwhile investment for all seasons to come.

Don’t Overlook Caulking the Windows

Window leaks are a very common concern in most homes, and a popular solution is caulking the windows. Not doing so can result in a cold house, an overworked HVAC system, and very high utility bills.

Whether you have wooden windows or some stylish steel windows, caulking is a must if you want to keep any paid air from escaping.

Install A Dutch Door in The Kitchen to Keep Out Furry Friends

The fall period is a transitional one where you sometimes may want to let in some fresh air, especially in the kitchen. But this is also the time when most furry creatures are looking for safe places to go into hibernation for the winter season ahead, and your pantry would probably be at the top of their wish list.

So, for starters, you should secure the pantry with a black steel barn door or some other interior steel door with glass.

And also, install a Dutch door as a backdoor to ensure ventilation while keeping unwanted visitors out.

Revamp the Front Patio for Halloween Decor

Another very important upgrade you’d want to tackle is your front patio, especially the entry door. Not only is the front patio sort of like the main feature of your home’s exterior but it also works as a backdrop for the upcoming Halloween decor.

We highly suggest investing in some impressive double iron doors— iron doors Washington would be a plus. They would look majestic, which essentially means that you’ll have to put in very little effort to stand out on Halloween or even Christmas!

You can start with the front doors before you move on to interior doors and other time-consuming projects. If you’re not sure where to find nice entry doors in Seattle, we suggest checking out the range at Pinky’s Iron Doors. They also have a huge collection of steel doors Washington and windows, as well as some impressive interior doors designs and types.

Get in touch with them to start planning the upgrades today!

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