An insight into Web Scraping Projects & Topics For Beginners

You may be unsure of what web scraping is before you begin. When you grab data from a website and organize it to make sense, it is called web scraping. A computer program, not a human hand, is used to scrape web pages.

What is the purpose of web scraping?

You must first have some data to work with before you can accomplish anything in data science. You will need to do research into the relevant sources, and web scraping may be able to assist you in this endeavor. Data is gathered and organized via web scraping in one central location. 

If you want to do research, it is best to do it all at once rather than going out and searching for every piece of information. Many firms rely on web scraping in the same way they rely on data science. The scraping project ideas we have provided demonstrate the versatility of this technology.

To scrape websites, you should look at:

There is no public API to access the data. You could gather structured data much more quickly and easily if you utilized an API. It will also help you grasp the legal and ethical issues around data gathering. There must be a lot of well-organized, consistent, and repeatable data for this endeavor to be worthwhile. 

It is possible that scraping the web will take a long period. Each website has its own set of requirements, but there is no way around it. However, it may be done in a more efficient manner for the individuals who do it. 

Take a moment to consider the following before you start scraping:

  • Is the stuff that I scrape copyrighted??
  • Can scraping jeopardize the privacy of others?
  • Could the scrape uncover intellectual property that I do not have the right to?
  • Does the website provide guidelines for how I may use it, and am I abiding by those guidelines?
  • Is the original data less useful if I scrape a lot?

Getting these basics right can help you with web scraping projects.

Ideas for web scraping in 2022

Below are some of the top ideas to look at

Get the Most Out of Pricing Comparison

Ecommerce websites are a common starting point for many consumers looking for product information and pricing. As a result, we believe it is important to go one step further and analyze the data from your scrape to determine the greatest bargain in a certain category. It is possible to look at the pricing and review data for all tablets on Amazon and figure out which one is the greatest value for the money. One strategy to get the best results is to focus on items with a small number of reviews.

Web scraping services refer to companies or platforms that provide automated tools or services to extract data from websites. These services utilize web scraping techniques to gather information from various web pages, saving users the time and effort required to manually collect and organize data. Web scraping services typically offer features such as data extraction, data cleansing, data integration, and data delivery in a structured format. These services can be utilized for various purposes, including market research, competitor analysis, lead generation, content aggregation, and data-driven decision making.

Provide investors with an easy-to-use app for investing (No Coding)

This program’s objective is to automate the scraping of a few stocks from Yahoo Finance once a day using your web scraper. After that, the data will be entered into a Google Sheet. You will be notified through email to “purchase” any stock that goes below a certain price.

Scraping a subreddit may help you discover what people are discussing.

As a community, have you ever struggled to understand why certain terms or themes are more popular? Or, to put it another way, which problems are the most spoken about and debated about? It is possible to scrape subreddit and utilize graphs like word clouds to display what you have discovered. Use that subreddit to spread the word about your results by posting charts and graphs.

Have another person scrape (or sell) a Leads Database

You or a group of friends may have a member who works alone. So why not assist them out by creating a list of potential customers? Learn more about their organization and what sort of leads they like before pursuing a relationship with them. Your web scraper will let you collect data about leads from the internet and save it in your database after you are done with it. If no one in your network needs a database of leads, you may even consider selling it to generate some revenue.

Scraping is a genuine profession, and it is time to learn how it is done.

What if we start with a real-world web page scrape? There are a lot of one-time web scraping jobs listed on employment sites every day. If you want to see how web scraping is utilized in the real world, these are wonderful locations to start. Try UpWork first. Job opportunities for “web scraping” may be found and applied for there, or the work can be done for educational reasons.


Starting your first project might be as simple as scraping online pages for inspiration. Choosing the right web scraper for your project might be a challenge because of this. In reality, the specifications of your project will determine which web scraper is suitable for your needs.