About Jason Statham Net Worth

About Jason Statham Net Worth


The Derbyshire born English actor is one of the world’s leading stars Jason Statham Net Worth when it comes to action movies. With a poor family background, Jason Statham has risen from zero to hero. As we all know, there is no perfection in the world so a lot of criticism. Would be expect from a lot of people. But the English born actor has proven beyond reasonable doubts that he is a born superstar.

Biography Jason Statham Net Worth

Born in Shire brook, Derbyshire, England on 26 July 1967, Jason Statham was raised by both parent, Eileen and Barry Statham. His dad Barry mainly a street seller but had other side jobs that helped him raise more funds for the family. While his mum Eileen a dancer. Jason Statham Net Worth growing up was not done on a bed of roses but could still be regarded as mediocre. The actor has in so many times professed his undying love for diving. And football which made him join Britain’s National Swimming Squad were he spent over 10 years of his life.

He got the opportunity to represent his country, England in the 1990 commonwealth games and later in the 1992 world championship.

His career in diving was not that bright but they a lot of opportunities waiting in line for the English man to explore.

Shortly after the world championship, he got the opportunity to become a model for some clothing companies and enterprises.

He modeled for Levis, Tommy Hilfiger Jason Statham Net Worth and a French clothing brand. His early life still saw him engage in some street business all with the intention of getting a better life.

From Zero to Hero Jason Statham Net Worth

Jason Statham might not have had the kind of childhood that every child would dream of. But he didn’t lose hope no matter how hard it became.

One of the things that excelled the English man was his love for sporting activities. The unique physic that gave him.

Surprisingly, his bad record as a black market sales guy was one of the criteria that saw him rise. When a British director Guy Ritchie came in contact with him in the French clothing brand. here he was modelling at the time.

In 1998, Jason for the first time got the opportunity to play a role in a movie where he acted as the ‘’Bacon’’ in Lock. Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

His Career Peak Jason Statham Net Worth

The crime and comedy movie brought Jason Statham Net Worth to limelight for the first time with a £5000 paycheque. His second movie came in the year 2000 in acting as ‘’Turkish’’ in a movie called ‘’Snatch’’ with some prominent actors of the time.

This was certainly what gave Jason his big break because the movie ended up raising over 80 million dollar. Revenue in box-office and a $15,000 paycheque for Jason. Since then the superstar has featured in over 40 movies.

Some of his most notable movies include: the transporter, fast and furious, death race, expandable, the bank job, Italian job etc. The actor has always favoured playing action filled roles over any other role due to his remarkable talent in Kung Fu. And stunts which he learnt while engaging in street jobs as a kid.

He has also been connected to the music industry with some music videos. He featured in back in 1993, the most notable was coming on Strong by the Shaman.

Among all the movies Jason Statham featured in his career, The Meg is among the most successful, holding a world record for the highest grossing U.S.-Chinese co-production with an estimated gross rate of $527.8 million worldwide.

The Meg made this magical impact in the movie industry due to Statham’s guts to swim with real-life bull sharks in Fiji while acting as the lead actor.

Relationship Life Jason Statham Net Worth

Jason Statham relationship life is not one that has had a lot of ups and downs or scandals like most celebrities life attracts.

He was recorded to have maintained a steady relationship with Kelly Brook an English presenter and Model.

They were in a romantic relationship from 1997 to 2004 when they broke up for reasons they were not willing to share with the media. It’s presume that this made Jason keep his relationship life away from the media for over 5 years. In 2010 the English man recorded to have been dating another Model Rosie Huntington-Whitley who linked romantically to Olivier Martinez and Tyrone Wood until 2007.

The pair for sure passed the 7 years benchmark he had set in his previous relationship to get to an engagement ceremony which  held in 2016.

Theres a lot of pregnancy learn surrounding the modeling in 2016 up until 24th June 2017 when it confirm to be more than a modeled Rosie given birth to their first son Jack Oscar Statham. They are currently residing in Beverley Hills.

Statham’s Net worth

With Jason Statham Net Worth hard worked rise to prominence. It’s certain that by now the superstar would have a lot of wealth attached to his name. With a lot of endorsement and movies backing up the actor’s account. He is currently estimate to be worth #90 million for 2017 and 2018.

Thrills behindJason’s Success

As much as it might look like it didn’t take much for Statham to acquire the wealth and fame he currently has. You should take note that it took him a considerable amount of time. And determination to beat the black market street life that he was born into and make something out for himself. There are a lot of motivational quotes that Jason talk about as his major leap to success. Some of his motivational speeches and ideas that he held with high regards include

‘’looking good and feeling good goes hand
in hand. If you are looking good you woulddefinitely feel good’’

‘’possibilities are as deep as your imagination. In as much as you can imagine it, you can make it happen’’

There are a lot of other quotes from the English man that would certainly give you the zeal. And energy to overcome any obstacle, the above are just popular ones.