Kevin James Net Worth

Kevin James Net Worth


Kevin George Knipfing , mostly know to us, his numerous and wildly adoring fans as just Kevin James Net Worth  is an actor, producer, screenwriter, mall cop and comedy god. On first glance, he might just appear as an ordinary, slightly chubby, but lovable Hollywood executive, just another cheery member of the renowned actor and comedian Adam Sandler’s entourage, but know that Kevin James Net Worth holds power and influence the likes of which has never been seen before on this earth, along with hisacting prowess, $100 million US dollar and stunning good looks, he is truly one gifted individual. But how did he become the absolute unit he is now? Let’s find out.

His Career Starting Kevin James Net Worth

Kevin James was born in Mineola, New York and was raised from a young wee lad  in Stony Brook, both on Long Island, New York’s kookiest location. He is the second son of Janet, a housewife who also worked in a chiropractor’s office, and German American Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr., who owned an lucrative insurance agency that supplied the family with the dough needed, both literally and figuratively, as Kevin James Net Worthwas and still is a large fellow, to say the least.

He has an elder brother, Gary Joseph Knipfing, known as Gary Valentine, who is also a comedian and actor, and one sister, Leslie Knipfing, giving James a nuanced perspective on many issues he would later use to propel his career. Kevin graduated from Ward Melville High School andwhile studying there, he reached the number one spot on the wrestling team due to his overwhelming stamina, sheer muscle power and Shaolin-class determination of spirit, just ahead ofhis friend and future WWE wrestler Mick Foley.

Both wrestled at 145 lb weight class, but atragic, almost Shakespearian season-ending injury to James’ back resulted in Foley taking over the first string position, serving as an example that it too an actual serious medical predicament for James to lose his title to a future WWE champion.

Kevin James Career

After that, James began doing stand-up comedy, making his debut at the East Side Comedy Club on Long Island in 1989, managed by Richie Minervini, a quite Italian man. He gained popularity through his numerous calculated appearances on various talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Dennis Miller Live, The Late Late Show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, this was necessary and sly networking on James’ part, again demonstrating the mall cop’s unparalleled intellect and persuasive skills. This would not serve to satiate Kevin’s titanic hunger though, as he craved more. More fame, food and power.

His Peak Hollywood Work

James’ first television job came in 1991 on The New Candid Camera. Where he used his comedic timing and improvisation skills playing the actor that pulled the practical jokes on unsuspecting people. Fooling the public that he played a character. But secretly relishing in his manipulation in plain sight. He would pick up other small cameo appearances like on Everybody Loves Raymond. But where he truly shone was the 1997 sitcom The King of Queens, where he played a character near and dear to himself.

There Kevin portrayed a humble, working class man, incorporating Marxist and communist ideas into the heart of Hollywood. Yet subtly supplementing them with the chubby and lovable façade he put on. Delaying the worker’s revolution as much as he could through careful subliminal conformism. The show ran for more than 9 years and instilled Kevin’s smile into the hearts of every American John and Jane. Cementing James’ reputation as a staple of the industry and secretly. A mastermind of total mass manipulation.

With this his abilities grew and soon he began to land even bigger roles such as 2005’s Hitch with Will Smith, another legendary actor, who James could now actually work side-by-side with due to his newly acquired status.

But, Kevin James’ masterpiece

his magnum opus would not yet been birthed into existence for another couple of years. And yet, in 2009, humanity received a gift from above, the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

The masses were repulsed, the critics turned their visages into shriveled up raisin-like faces in disgust. But Kevin’s influence, might and power obliterated any negativity towards the film. It grossed $39 million US dollars in its opening weekend. But even that pile of cash was pitiful compared to its eventual total earnings of $219 million US dollars. Now that was a serious boost to his net worth!

The film itself portrayed James as a valiant guardian of a mall, patrolling the courts and escalators upon his mighty Segway steed. All of this of course portrayed in a humorous fashion, to the audience’s liking. Several years later in 2015, after joining Adam Sandler’s troupe as a reoccurring actor. In his multitude of successful and lucrative Happy Gilmore films. He would go on to star in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, where again the world would rejoice. After the return of the beloved character to the silver screen. With the sequel movie grossing just about $107 million US dollars worldwide.

His Networth Kevin James Net Worth

Nowadays James mostly spends his time appearing on talk shows and occasionally performing stand-up comedy. Where a live audience has the godly privilege to laugh at the gut-busting antics that Kevin James Net Worth performs for them.

He has also been very active when it comes to advertising for his movies or otherwise. He was the grand marshal for the Pepsi 400 promoting I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

His newest movie at the time and saying “Gentlemen, start your engines”. The ever-quoted line that people were saying and laughing at for years after the ad’s release.

In finality, Kevin James Net Worth grew up from a funny little kid. With an affinity for wrestling in New York. To a multi-million dollar comedian, actor, producer, writer and hunk. Who’s partnered up with many comedy legends in his numerous hilarious movies. To serious and respected actors in television shows, commercials and general appearances.