Bam Margera Net Worth

Bam Margera Net Worth

Brandon Cole commonly known as Bam Margera Networth is a Pennsylvania born American who built a career out of skateboarding and performing stunt before featuring in MTV’s Jackass which brought him to the limelight. From skating and doing stunts to creating a celebrity personality for himself, read along to get all the information on Bam Magara’s career.

Biography Bam Margera Networth

Brandon Cole was born on 28 September 1979, into the family of Phil and April Bam Margera Networth. He was nicknamed Bam by his dad due to lots of incidents that he had with bumping into walls, this name became a household name for the American. He attended West Chester high school but dropped out after junior high with claims that his best friend Chris Raab was expelled and there was no reason to continue.

Career Bam Margera Networth

Right from childhood Bam Margera Networthlove for stunts and skateboarding had been no news to anyone who knew him. Brandon started recording videos of himself and friends while they were doing all forms of stunts and skateboarding. This eventually led to the Camp kill yourself collection popularly known as the CKY series, Bam as most of his friends called him, created the series alone without help from anyone. The CKY brand name is shared with his brother’s band.


Brandon’s skateboarding career was first brought to limelight with a sponsorship deal form Toy Machine Skateboards which lasted from 1997 to 1998.  From 2001 he got a new sponsorship deal from Team Element which lasted for a good deal of his career. In 2016 Bam left the team but still graced numerous skateboarding events around the country until his official retirement in 2017. It was regarded that Bam retired from skateboarding due to a lack of sponsorship deal, although after his retirement he still went back to Team Element to help them celebrate their 25thanniversary with some of his major skating videos stealing the show.


With a good deal of his videos going viral, it was certain that a top audience would soon be needing his service. It didn’t take too long for the American Big Brother and filmmaking editor which was at the time Jeff Tremaine to pick interest in Bam’s extraordinary collections, which led to drafting him into the team that formed the MTV jackass. He went forward to elevate his status to a more profitable role as time went by.

In 2003 Bam Margera was set to feature in a movie ‘’grind’’. He acted with other skateboarders in the movie which saw them going on a mission to get acknowledged by a top firm. So as to get a sponsorship deal along with lots of other professional actors and skateboarders. The movie eventually premiered but did not get the kind of review that was expected with a lot of harsh criticism coming its way.

From 2003 till 2005, Margera was on stage trying to navigate through the MTV’s. Jackass reality show that was handed to him. The series was titled Viva La Bam. The series took Bam to a lot of different cities and countries alongside his crew. W ith skating and stuntsbeing the main actions in the series. In 2010, Bam broke a Box office record with his appearance in the Jackass 3D.

His Peak Career

Bam Margera has maintained an interesting and excellent career in both ventures of his life with a lot of awards and honours to his name. He also has a music record label that he is pioneering. And has directed several music videos. He announced officially that he has changed his name to Bam on October 24 2007.

Bam had a lot of independent films that he released over the years, some of his films were basedon real-life events that took precedence in his life with one of the most notable being Haggard which showed how Ryan Dunn’s girlfriend cheated on him.

There were lots of other independent films like Minghags, a film that showed how good men felt when betrayed and Bam Margera Presents, a film about Christmas.

Relationship Bam Margera Networth

Margera’s first recorded relationship was to a divorced mother Jenn Rivell. She was at the time a major role player in the Viva la Bam.

They at a point got engaged but the relationship could not have the desired romantic happy. Ever after endings when they ended it in 2005 after a 7-year run. In 2006, just a year later, Margera was involved in another engagement ceremony with Melissa “Missy” Rothstein.

This time Bam Margera Networth made sure the engagement did not go in vain by actualizing. A wedding in 2007 with over 300 family and friends attending. The couple moved to Dubai for their honeymoon. He later told reporters that he incurred a $13000 lawsuit damage. From his wedding celebrations due to the uncanny behaviour, his jackass crew whom he invited were known for.

As romantic as the wedding with Melissa seemed. There was still no happy ever after ending for the couples. In 2009 Melissa ha an excessive alcohol intake and was admitted to the hospital where she reported. That she was going to file for a divorce.

In November 2012 the couple officially recorded their divorce. It was obvious that Margera was not going to quit on women, on October 5 2013. Bam recorded another marriage in Iceland with Nicole Boyd. This relationship has lasted for the actor and skateboarder till the present day with the couple recording a son on December 2017.

Net worth Bam Margera Networth

Brandon Cole Bam Margera Networth has certainly had an amazing and influential career. He was also involved in the music industry with a music label attached to his name. ‘’filthy Note’’ and was voted in 2006 as the most influential person by stuff magazine.

He has collected a lot of awards and broken a lot of records throughout his career. Although he has officially retired from skateboarding but his acting career is still vibrant. And can be said to be at its peak. The celebrity actor and director have maintained a constant net worth of $50 million for the past two years.