Charles David “Chuck” Liddell is an American mixed artist and former UFC light heavyweight Champion And that is a primary base of CHUCK LIDDELL NET WORTH. He bore on 17th December 1969, Santa Barbara, California, United State. He was raised by single mother and maternal grandfather, who taught Liddell boxing techniques from a very young age. When he began studying koei-kan karate at the age of 12, the tattoo seen on his scalp reads” koei-kan”.

He belongs from an extensive striking background in Kempo, karate and Kickboxing as well as grappling background in collegiate wrestling. A professional competitor from 1998 until 2010, chuck Liddell is widely credited with bringing MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment.

 Chuck Liddell’s EARLY LIFE

When he was four year old his early life started as the starter on the football team at San Marcos High School, Playing center and linebacker while also excelling in wresting. In 1995 ,he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Business Accounting. He holds an amateur kickboxing record of 20 wins and 2 losses with 16 wins coming by way of knockout. Chuck Liddell started his career as mixed martial arts and he began to train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Jon Lewis in lass Vegas, Nevada.

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in 1998 Liddell first began his mixed material arts training at 23, made his UFC debut. After making his debut, he had a short series of wins and his first few years; he fought against the likes of Tito Oritiz, Vitor Belfort, Kevin Randleman and many more.  July 2000,he defeated Steves  Health for the IFC world Light Heavyweight championship. 2004 after beating Tito Oritiz Chuck he  won the Light- Heavy weight title and Ortiz believes. That it was unfair win so that two fighter have had a strong rivalry from that day. In 2009, Chuck Liddell entered into the UFC Hall of Fame after then he retired from the sport in 2010. Although he made appearances in many different movies, such as Drill bit Taylor, Kick-Ass 2, War Pigs and Fight life.

Chuck Liddell’s Net worth

In 2009, Liddell was entered into the UFC Hall of Fame, and retired from the sport in 2010 However, He is one of the richest MMA fighters in the world. In 2018, Chuck Liddell’s net worth is roughly $14 million dollars; and at 48 years old, people still highly regard him as one of the greatest light-heavyweights in the history of MMA.

from start of his career, Liddell’s income has increased in the subsequent years, with his retirement and engagement in other businesses, his net worth has also increased from year to year like in 2013 his net worth was $7 but after that due to his progress his net income increased from $7 to $9 in 2014 and $11 in 2015 to $12 in 2016 and now In 2018, chuck Liddell’s Currently  net worth  is r$14 million dollars, at 48 years old, people still highly regard him as one of the greatest light-heavyweights in the history of MMA.CHUCK LIDDELL NET WORTH is exceeding day by day. As one of the legends of the sport, watching Chuck Liddell fight live was a thrilling experience; fans can continue to feel that same excitement by securing UFC Tickets to witness the current generation of skilled mixed martial artists battle it out in the octagon.


He was in relationship and affairs with several beautiful women but married with Heidi Northcott his wife and now he is living a happy family and spouse.

Chuck Liddell’s current relationship status with Heidi, they believed to be living together and taking good care of their children. In 2011, they both welcomed their first child, a baby girl Guinevere and later welcomed their son, Charles David Liddell Jr.

Some of the best Achievement of Chuck Liddell’s Career:

  • His Training at the Pit in 1992.
  • UFC Debut in 1998.
  • Defeats Victor Belfort to become #1 contender for championship belt in (2002) and he became Light- Heavyweight Champion in (2004).
  • Stars in TV show, The Ultimate Fighter in 2005

This was all about CHUCK LIDDELL NET WORTH.

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