Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American inspirational public orator who has written more than seventy books that have alliterated into different languages of the world which was the key thing of BRIAN TRACY Net Worth. His popular books include the following, Eat That Frog, Earn What You Are Worth, and more other which boasts BRIAN TRACY Net Worth.

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Brian was born in the year 1944 in the place called Charlottetown since Edward Island in Canada, their family were not economically stable, they had constant money worries his father had no proper job because some of the bills went unpaid and most of the time the family could not afford basic needs like clothes and mostly depended on charitable organization for clothing. Brian and his brothers never had luxurious his early age he dropped out of school and started doing physically demanding jobs. At the age of twenties he started traveling in his motivational speaking he spoke mostly on people becoming what they think most of their time  He leaves in San Diego California America. He has dual citizenship of America and Canada

Tracy is married to Babar Tracy since 1974. They blessed with four children. The couples have had a blissful marital for decades now.


One day Tracy woke up and realize that he is the only one, who could make himself success, or a failure, he began a sales job called albeit haphazardly, the job was not good, but after meeting with successful salespeople and reading profusely, he set goals and started attending the targets. One of the most destinations of Brian Tracy was to become the most successful salesman in the world. He pursued it with all his efforts. He looked at the job of sales in all dimensions until he becomes the number one sales manager on the whole. After mastering the art, he decided to venture into real estate, business theory, and marketing.

He studied the field deeply gain experience became the expert in many fields and eventually, he attained the position of chief operation of a multi-dollar company. As a result, he decided to make further consultation with several billion-plus cooperation and companies. And BRIAN TRACY Net Worth increased day by day.

He has traveled across the world

At the age of 20, he had enough of low living standards and began to travel; he took his vehicle out of Canada then moved to North America before the board a ship to England.

Brain Tracy has a passion to pass the information he has gained to teachable persons and he wants them to gain from what he had achieve his passion for sharing information, he developed his own university; Brian Tracy International in san Diego, California.

From England, he moved to France and Spain and then to Gibraltar. His movement to Sahara desert hardened him which lasted for eight years, where he survived death due to harsh environment, while in Africa especially in South African he worked with great people like Dr.Albert Schweitzer. He later joined the karate movement in South Africa and gained the black belt of the title Shotokan karate. From South Africa, he moved to the following countries; India, Malaysia, Singapore and later to Thailand.



The publication date of the book is 17th April 2017. It published by Berrette-Koehler. It’s a compilation of ideas and techniques for overcoming procrastination. The price of the book ranges from $3.79 to $14.32 US dollars, the book is in the form of softcopy and hard copy. It is the widely sold book, over 1600,000 copies have sold.


The book was published in the year 2016. It’s about how a human being can to build themselves, use common sense to increase productivity. Brain Tracy also talks of challenges people face on their way to success, the new ways of thinking and how to approach the stumbling blocks. The price of the book ranges from $11.66 to $14.00 us dollars. It can be purchased online as hardcopy or softcopy.

  1. GOALS

The book is based on over 60 years that is twenty years of experience and forty years of research, and it published by Berrett-Koehler. It presents proven practical ways for formulating goals and meeting your targets. The cost of the book is $18.34 US Dollars


It presents proven methods to make your life easier make by bringing together a series of ideas on personal management. Bestseller has sold over 50,000 copies all over the world. The cost of the book is approximately $13.61 US dollars


Brain Tracy is still the author of this important book about provides 21 great methods of making more sells quickly in a tough competitive environment; it also contains essential principles for sales success. The price of the book is approximately 18.00US dollars.


The publisher of the book is Simon and Schuster. It covers the strategies and skills that one can use to unlock their hidden powers to succeed.


As a motivational speaker, he has produced over 300 audio and video learning materials, this includes the psychology of achievement, which is the worldwide seller, He has also developed a world-class university, which trains people that empowers them economically on financial freedom. Also, he is the author of several books, on how to work your way out economically. The books include titles such as eat the frog, time power and unbreakable laws of success. His books are read all over the world because there are translated into different languages of the globe. The sales of books raised BRIAN TRACY Net Worth much higher.


He is 15 million dollars. The chairman and C.E.O of brain Tracy International, a company designed to trained individuals. He is also a chief operating officer of $265 million Company.

This was all about the BRIAN TRACY Net Worth.

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