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Will Smith is an American actor who has shown success in his work in acting, production, comedy songwriting and rapping. A complete package of talent raised Will Smith Net Worth. He has demonstrated an epitome of talent. And he gives a golden touch to every role he takes in a play.

Some have even termed him as the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Due to acting prowess, and went ahead to be nominated for five Golden Globe Awards. And two Academy Awards. He has pocketed four Grammy awards which can be a clear sign that his talent is exceptional. In the 1980s he received a lot of fame from his rapping skills under the disguise of. The Fresh Prince. In 1990 his popularity was magnified after he featured in NBC TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the show runs for six seasons until 1996.

The series was terminated, and Smith shifted from television to filmmaking where he featured in several blockbuster movies most of them as the starring. His acting career was highly elevated with many success including being the only actor to have a gross sale of $100 million. And above consecutively in the domestic box office. He also achieved the following total sale of $150 million in the international box office. Eight of the movies that he starred opened as number one in the box office domestic tally.

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Early life

He was born on 25th September 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Caroline a board administrator at Philadelphia school. And Williard Smith a US air force veteran soldier. Smith was raised a Baptist and grew up in the West Philadelphia, Wynnefied neighbourhood. He has two siblings and a sister named Pamela, and he attended a Catholic elementary school. Our Lady of Lourdes, in Philadelphia. His parents were separated when at age 13 but they never actually divorced until 2000.

While it is rumoured that he turned a scholarship to MIT he never applied since Smith wanted to rap, he attended Overbrook High School. He would have gotten a chance had he applied since he had a high SAT and his mother knew someone in the admission, and as a plus, they required black kids. He declined the offer since he wanted to rap.

Smith had started as MC in his hip-hop debut, he worked with DJ Jazzy and was later joined by Townes as a turntablist. They then formed a trio called and their single was released by a Philadelphia based Word up Records from 1985 to 1986. He got noticed for his smooth raps that were profanity-free making him favourite to many listeners.

His single done earlier, I dream of Jeannie became a hit even before Smith was done with high school. Based on the success he was noticed by Jive Records and Russel Simmons. The trio won their first Grammy Award in 1989 on the best rap performance presenting parents don’t understand. Their ultimate success was achieved in 1991 after releasing their hit song summer time the song earned their second Grammy award and an excellent position of no four the billboard’s hot 100 songs. This song devotes a lot in Will Smith Net Worth.

Film career

Smith first breakthrough was in a drama, Six Degrees of Separation 1993 and the Bad Boys 1995 in which he starred against Martin Lawrence. The movies shaped his career and gave him the confidence to venture in the field of acting. He was uplifted financially since both movies had a great reception. Internationally especially the latter movie that garnered more than $350 million internationally. In 1996 Smith starred partially in Roland Emmerich’s, Independence Day.

The film received massive success becoming the second highest grossing film in movie history. The success came as a boost to Will Smith who was stated as a prime box office draw. In 1997 he starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones in the movie Men in Black. This was the key base of Will Smith Net Worth.

The movie received world wider acclamation from both fans and critics terming as sophisticated having a sense of humour and witty besides praising. Will Smith performance. In the consecutive year. Smith starred in another movie Enemy of The State starring alongside Gene Hackman.

In 1999 he turned down an offer in The Matrix in favour of Wild Wild West which never turned out a success. Though Smith has always defended his choice. And he states that he has never regretted on his preference. 2003 returned with The Bad Boys II a sequence of the 1995 movie Bad Boys despite the critics the film went ahead to become a success selling a gross of $270 million worldwide. He later acted the movie Pursuit Of Happiness acting alongside his son Jaden Smith the movie received great reception and accolades. He is still active in the entertainment industry to date

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Smith got married to Sheree Zampino in 1992 and had a son Trey Smith on November of the same year they were later divorced in 1995. His son was featured in the video of the song just the two of us, and then in the TV show All of Us and Oprah Winfrey Show. In 1997 he married an actress Jada Koren Pinkett. they got two children together Jaden Smith and Camille Smith. Jaden acted alongside his father in the movie Pursuit of Happyness, and After Earth, His daughter appeared in I Am Legend.

In 1988 and 1989 Smith spent his money freely without paying taxes. This would later cost him to nearly becoming bankrupt. Regarding religious affiliations. Smith was raised a Baptist and attended a Catholic school though. He no longer identifies as religious. He clarified on rumours that he was attending the church of Scientology by saying that he was not a member. But he found some of their ideas revolutionary.

Net worth

Smith has moved from being bankrupt in the late 80s to become one of the highest paid actors in the world. He is known for being a philanthropist through donating to charity and sponsoring education. Politically he is inclined to the Democrats, and he once donated 4,000 Dollars to fund the Obama campaign. He is currently worth at least $350 million dollars. Will Smith Net Worth is exceeding day by day.

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