Creflo Dollar Net Worth

Creflo Dollar Net Worth


Creflo Dollar Net Worth is a popular American minister who is additionally a Television preacher and is also the founder of World Changers Church International. This is a non-denominational church found in College Park, Georgia. Creflo Dollar is in charge of Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association. He is also incharge of Creflo Dollar Net WorthMinistries and Arrow Records. He is one of the richest pastors in the world and thus article seeks to reveal his total current net worth.

This famous pastor Creflo Dollar was born on the 28th of January 1962, in College Park in Georgia to his mother Emma Dollar and his father Creflo Augustus Dollar, Sr. His parents were African-American.

He schooling in Baptist Church School where he earn his Bachelor’s degree in science from West Georgia College which is situated in Carrollton, Georgia. After completing his studies he immediately ventured in to the business world with an aim of accumulating wealth as it is the mind with other young graduates.

In the year 1986, Dollar changed his mind and began building up a church. The church was named World Changers Ministries Christian Center.  His congregation held their first communal worship in a School’s cafeteria, Kathleen Mitchell Elementary school which is in College Park. Only 8 individuals attended this service. Clefro Dollar later changed his church’s name to WCCI (World Changers Church International) and shifted it to a dedicated chapel.

Relationships with Creflo Dollar Net Worth

Creflo Dollar is married to his wife Taffi Dollar and together they have been blessed with 5 kids. Among these 5 kids are daughters:  Lauren Dollar, Jordan Dollar and Alexandria Dollar, and sons Gregory Dollar and Jeremy Dollar. Creflo Dollar Net Worth lives in Atlanta with his adorable family.

Creflo Dollar has been seen to concentrate in making his church a success. When the congregation in his church rose he started offering four services each and every Sunday. During this time he also used to do weekly radio broadcasts with the aim of reaching a wide congregation and offer his services even to those who cannot access his church. These weekly radio broadcastshelped widen his congregation and he started becoming famous. Due to the daily increase in numbers of his congregation, he decided to move his church to Word Dome in December 1995 which had a higher seating of up to 8,500.


This World Dome investment cost him a huge investment of up to $20 million. He did not receive assisted funding from any bank or financial institution.  However, the returns from this investment were not a disappointment since starting from the year 2007 it made an income of about $ 70 million and it had a huge congregation of around 30,000 members.In the year 2012, his services expanded and there he sought to rent The Bronx’s Loews Paradise Theater so as to cater for a bigger congregation in the New York.

In addition, Creflo Dollar is also an author of motivational and inspirational books and a speaker in conferences and meetings. His work greatly depends on the true gospel of wealth.

Things did not flow smoothly for this man of God and he was arrested in June 2012. He was charged for attacking his little daughter due to anger.  However, the charges we later dropped in January 2013 and he began attending anger management classes. He was captured in June 2012 for assaulting his little girl. Creflo Dollar Net Worth has faced a lot of criticisms for his lavish kind of life. Most of those criticizing him say that his teachings in regard to prosperity are controversial.

Peak of Career

Another incident happened in November 2014 where his private jet ran off in the run way at Biggin Hill airport in the United Kingdom. No injuries report following this incidence and he later replaced the jet with a Gulfstream g650 fly. This shows that he is financially stable.

One of Creflo Dollars greatest vocational accomplishment is the establishment of World Changers Church International (WCCI). He has since then gained success from this investment. He has also made a great name in writing books and magazines. His Change magazine has about 100,000 subscribers around U.S. He also publishes the max twice a month for ministry leaders and ministers. Some of his famous publications include; “Undеrѕtаndіng God’s Рurроѕе for the Аnоіntіng” in 1992, “Сlаіm your Vісtоrу Тоdау” in 2006 and “8 Ѕtерѕ to Сrеаtе theLіfе You Wаnt” in 2008.

Most of Creflo Dollar Networth

Currently, Creflo Dollar networth is estimate to be around $30 million. He owns a Gulfstream G650 jet which is worth $60 million. Additionally he owns a top rate real estate. Creflo Dollar also owns multi-million dollar homes in Atlanta, New Jersey and Demarest. In the year 2006, this lavish man of God purchased a home worth $2.5 million in Manhattan and sold it later in 2012 for $3.75 million which indeed gave him a good amount of profit.Сrеflо Dоllаr lіkеѕ luхurіоuѕ саrѕ, and he owns 2 Rоllѕ-Rоусеѕ

He has featured in several evangelical shows in international televisions. Despite being a public popular figure, Creflo Dollar was a subject of investigation in the year 2007. This investigation was led by senator Chuck Grassley of the U.S.

It seems offerings from church members are a good fortune. This leaves many people thinking of venturing in to the evangelical path. However, they do not end u as successful as Creflo Dollar due to the small turn out of members in their churches. Our luck is also not all similar.