American Actor Johnny Knoxville Net Worth

American Actor Johnny Knoxville Net Worth

Philip John Clapp popularly known as Johnny Knoxville is one of the founders and crew member in the MTV’s jackass series. He is one of the crew’s most prominent members with lots of ideas and spectacular acting scene emanating from his lifestyle. In this post, we will discuss Johnny Knoxville Net Worth mainly. The actor is also involved in comedy, screenwriting and surprisingly is also good at performing stunts.


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Philip John was born in Knoxville with a car salesman and Sunday school teacher as parents. Growing up was not all rosy for Johnny, but the American born had a good deal of determination to keep him going. He graduated high school in 1989 and moved to California to pursue his acting career. California held a lot of surprises for Johnny but made sure it gave it to him bit by bit. It was starting to Johnny Knoxville Net Worth.   He started off with commercials and at times got the opportunity to act as an extra. When Johnny realized that acting was not going to be enough to fund for the lifestyle that California brings along, he decided to settle for writing sending different pitches to lots of online magazines.



Johnny started making something out for himself from the pitches he was sending around but had a strong belief that he was not set out to be just a writer. Leaving the casual type of Johnny lifestyle, he didn’t know that the big break he has been looking for was approaching and from the most unimaginable place. Johnny at the time loved doing stunts and made some recordings of himself doing a lot of extreme stunt performance. It did not take long for Jeff Tremaine’s one of the editors in the big brother show to pick interest in him and offer him a chance to premiere some of his stunt’s performance in big brother’s videos which increased Johnny Knoxville Net Worth.

Big Break

With some of his stunting activities airing life in the big brother show, Johnny had certainly gotten the audience he desperately desired. With help from Jeff Tremaine’s friend, Johnny was able to send some of the series to lots of networks and eventually, this led to the creation of the MTV’s jackass show. This broughtJohnny fully to the limelight and in no time he was already turning down shows due to the busy schedule that the jackass series created for him.

Film Acting

The jackass show developed a lot of fans and a lot of other crew members that were added to the show, giving Johnny a more presentable profile to kick-start an adventurous acting career in no time. Johnny got the opportunity to feature as a two-headed alien in Men in Black II with some notable celebrities. He also featured in A Dirty Shame and walking tall with Dwayne Johnson in 2004.


Johnny went on to make his mark in the movie industry from that time to date. His most notable movies include; Daltry Calhoun, Lords of Dogtown, John Madden, The Ringer etc. During these periods, he was still fully involved with his jackass crew and created a lot of notable jackass series including Bam Margera’s Viva la Bam.



Knoxville as the celebrity is popularly known, created a reputation in almost all forms of art for himself. He could be a comedian today and tomorrow, he would be a scriptwriter, a day after he is performing stunts. With Johnny, there is always a surprise suitcase to unbox. He also had a production company which he runs with the Big Brother editor who brought him to the limelight, Jeff Tremaine. The production company was called deckhouse production and produced various movies and documentaries until 2014. Johnny then decided to start up another production company which he named Hello Junior creating a collaboration with paramount pictures. One of the most notable success movies that the production company has recorded to its name is the Bad Grandpa comedy movie that aired in 2013.

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Relationship Life

Knoxville first got married in 1995 to Melanie Lynn Cates. This was far beforeJohnny even dreamt of having a career that would make him this successful. The couple was determined to make it through hard and thin together and even gave birth to a daughter a year later. Johnny’sdaughter featured in some of the jackass series over the years and was seen as one of the most motivating factors behind his success. With 11 years of marriage recorded, the couple felt they couldn’t stay together anymore and filed for a divorce in 2007.  Although it has an effect on Johnny Knoxville Net Worth.  The divorce papers took a year and the marriage was finally nullified in March 2008.

Johnny was definitely not going to hang around mourning a divorced wife. So in August 2009, Johnny Knoxville announced that he was expecting a baby with Naomi Nelson. This eventually led to the birth of Rocko Akira Clapp a year later in Los Angeles. Johnny and Naomi wedded on 24th September 2010. They recorded another child in 2011 naming her Arlo Lemoyne Yoko Clapp. The couples are still together till date.


Johnny has not had a lot of issues with authorities or lawsuit that would affect his career since he started in 1995. The only notable incident the actor have had was back in 2009 in Los Angeles international airport. The authorities of the airport arrested Johnny for carrying a grenade in his bag but he was later released when they realized that it was for a commercial the actor was about to shot, and the bag was not packed by him but by his assistant.

Johnny Knoxville Net Worth

Jonny Knoxville has by far left a long lasting impression in the world of commercials and acting. He has set a standard in comedy that would certainly take a lot of hard work and determination to reach. Johnny has a lot of fans worldwide and is appreciated by a lot of people due to his impact in the movies industry and his rare ability to put a smile on your face no matter how depressed or angry you are.  The actor’s net worth as of 2017 was set at $80 million while 2018 has seen him decline a bit to $75 million.