Who is Chris Brown?

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American celebrity, R&B musician, songwriter and an actor. Today we are going to discuss Chris Brown net worth in this post.  He was born on May 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. At his early age, he involved in church choir and other local talent shows, Chris Brown net worth is $50milloin

Chris Brown is the son of Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins, he has a sibling by the name Lytrell Bundy, with help of her mother Mrs.Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown sang in the church choir and also participated in local shows. At the age of 13years, Hit mission Records discovered Chris brown at his father’s workplace, while they were searching for talents. His mission started coaching him on vocals, they later invited him for an audition in New York.

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In New York he auditioned at Def. Jam recordings and the seniors led by Tina Davis impressed, this resulted to Chris brown meeting the president of island Dem Jam music group. The president offered to sign him that day. Chris brown net worth depends on his music career and he has not any other activity else.

After two months Tina Davis lost her job at Def. Jam records and Chris Brown asked her to help him manage his music. Tina accepted and she started promoting the singer to big labels such as Jive records-Records and warner Bros-Records

When her mother recognized his talent, shehelpsChris brown to be signed with Jive records, one of the best record labels of that time. He attended Essex high school in Virginia until 2005 when his passion for music took over him and moved to New York to pursue his music carrier.


Alongside his work as a musician, Chris brown venture into acting too as a way of expanding his carrier as an entertainer. He branched into acting, in 2007 he had a small role in the movie called box office hit stomp.



He taught himself on how to dance at an early age. Chris Brown always visited Michael Jackson site and watched his dancing movies. This motivated him to venture into dancing.


Chris Brown has one collaborative album, eight studio album, ten promotional albums and 108 singles.  He is famous musician all over the United states and it raised Chris Brown net worth thoroughly.


This album was released on 29th November was recorded at Jive records. The format that the album was in it was CD and digital album. According to peak chart position, it was ranked at position two in the United States of America.


The album was released on 6th November 2007, just two years after the first album. The album recorded by CBE jive records. It in form of CD and digital downloads. Exclusive was ranked at position four by peak chart in the United States of America in that year. It was supported by five singles of which out of this, three became top three hits on Billboard Hot 100. The album had the following songs;

  1. Wall to wall.
  2. Kiss kiss.
  • With you.
  1. Take you down.
  2. Forever .
  3. Super human.

Graffiti also recorded by CBE jive records, it was released in December 2009. The album ranked at position seven on the united states of America billboard 200. It did not perform as expected and it received al of music was nominated for the following awards ;Grammy awards and best contemporary R&b album. The album consists of the following songs:

  1. I can transform ya.
  2. Crawl.

The album is available in CD and digital download formats.

  1. FAME

It recorded by CBE Jive records; the Album released on March took position one on peak chart position on the same year. This album the last to be recorded by Jive records. The singles from the album were as follow;

  1. Year 3x.
  2. Look at me.
  • Beautiful people.
  1. She ain’t you.
  2. Next to you.
  3. Wet the bed.

The album has a variety of genre including R&b, pop, Hip-hop and reggae fusion


The album released on july 2013, it recorded at RCA records. Fortune ranked position one by peak chart in the U.S.A. It the first album to be done by RCA. The singles in it include the following;

  1. Turn up the music
  2. Sweet love
  • Till I die
  1. Don’t wake me up
  2. Don’t judge me

The music critics praised the producer by it receives the negative critics on lyrics sides.

  1. X

It released on 16th September 2016, the album recorded by had the following singles; fine china, don’t think they know, loyal and new flame.


The album released on 31 October 2017. It recorded by RCA consists of the following songs lost and found, privacy and juicy booty.



It released in 2014 . It recorded by the last king, RCA and young money cash money.

CHRIS Awards

  • American music award for artist of the year in 2008
  • BET award for best collaboration in the year 2011 with the song look at me
  • MTV video music award best male artist of the year from 2008 to 2012 with the music turn up the music.
  • BET award for video of the year in the year 2011 with the video look at me


In 2017 he accused of allowing a woman to be raped after pushing drugs and alcohol on a female guest partying at his house. But this scandal did not bother Chris Brown net worth.