King Bach Net Worth (The Social Star)

King Bach Net Worth (The Social Star)


The main topic is King Bach Net Worth.  A Canadian-American, Andrew B. Bachelor is popularly known as King Bach was born in Toronto, Canada. He was born on June 26, 1988, which makes him about 30 years old presently. King Bach was born as the first child and only son into the family of Byron Bachelor and Ingrid Maurice, who both happened to be accountants.


Although King Bach was born in Toronto, his family moved to West Palm Beach precisely, Florida when he was two years old. Prior to their transit, his baby sister named Christian was born. King Bach grew up in a Christian home as Ingrid Maurice and Byron Bachelor brought up their kids with the Christian morals and standings.

King Bach Net Worth

King Bach is about 5ft 8 inches (175cm) tall, has a weight of 160lbs (72.5 kg), a chest size of 42 inches (107cm) and a black hair color with dark brown eyes. In all, his body is perfectly fit.

For his education, he attended Coral Springs Charter School. Then after his high school education, he attended Florida State University, where he graduated with a degree in Business Management in 2010. He also took interest in the high jump and has a personal best of 7ft 25 inches. King Bach is a member of fraternity Phi Beta Sigma.


After graduating from college, King Bach left for New York, where he attended the New York Film Academy, but never graduated from the New York Film Academy. In his last semester, he left and moved to Lo Angeles to explore better options.  Then, he attended the Groundlings.  Now we’re are going to discuss more him before king bach net worth.


King Bach started out with the posting of funny videos, pranks and original comedies on Vine, a 6- second social media platform that encourages the sharing of videos. He posted his first videos on May 29, 2013, and by the year 2015, he has about 16.2 million followers on Vine. At that time, he was the most followed person on Vine. Subsequently, he also has a channel on youtube which he named BachelorsPadTv, created in January 2012. The BachelorsPadTv was quite popular and he has 1.6 million people who are subscribed to it.  King Bach also had guest stars like Stephen Curry, Odel Bechkam Jr., Tamala Jones, Lamorne Morris and Robert Richardson his shows. Sometimes, he also collaborates with other YouTubers. The likes of DeStorm Power, Glozell and Jake Paul have been featured alongside King Bach.

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Of his many videos which have been posted, one which seems to have a lasting impression and happened to be the most popular of his videos on YouTube is “Logan Trailer Parody”. The Video has a whopping view of 10 million.


With so many followers, King Bach raised to become the most popular performer on Vine.  This success raised king bach net worth.  As anyone would conclude, his videos served as a breakthrough for his career. It was covered by FSU News amidst many other online publications that King Bach’s popularity on Vine led him to enroll UTA. Also, Andrew Bachelor (King Bach) is the founder of “Bach Enterprises” which happened to be his Production name, this he made use of in many of his videos.

It is quite sad that Vine discontinued their video hosting services in  2016. But prior to this, King Bach has already risen and had gone on to be featured in various movies and series. In 2012, he appeared in four episodes of his debut, a Showtime comedy TV series- House of Lies. In this series, he took up the act of “Chris”. Afterward, he had the chance to make several other appearances on TV. In 2014/2015, he starred as “Traywon” in an Adult Swim series Black Jesus for 21 episodes. He also made cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out alongside Nick Cannon. He was starred as Dr. T.J Gigak in the Mindy Project for 5 episodes and also acted in a satire comedy film, Fifty Shades of Black in 2016 -A film which featured Marlon Wayans and Kali Hawk. Other films and projects he has been featured in include; Freezee (2016) with Mike Epps, Grow House, The Baby Sitter, Where’s the Money amidst others. In 2018, To All Boys, I’ve Loved Before.



King Bach Net Worth $2 million and his main sources of income are his YouTube Videos, Vine Videos as well as acting.


Andrew Bachelor currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He is single but has dated a few ladies in the past. He dated Liane Valenzuela from 2014 to 2015, and then he dated Amanda Cerny, an American model in 2015. After which he got into a relationship with Lele Pons.


King Bash has always had something for the social network probably because his fame stems from one? He is quite active on them and you can easily find out what he’s up to. To connect with him, you can search for his nick “kingBach” on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, vine, and Instagram. He uses BachelorPadsTv on YouTube.


  • He adopted the name, Kind Bach. His name is Andrew B. Bachelor
  • He was one of the top 15 jumpers in Florida State University.
  • He dropped out of New York Film Academy in his last semester
  • He founded the Rujon Foundation together with his sister. The foundation helps students in the USA and Jamaica with educational fees and school supplies.
  • His YouTube Channel is named BachelorPadsTv.
  • His production name is Bach Enterprises, and he is the founder.
  • He has been nominated to receive three Streamy Awards.

Quick Summary

King Bach’s real name is Andrew B. Bachelor.  He is Canadian- American and has Jamaican descent. His parents are accountants and he also studied Business Management at Florida State University. His career started with posting funny videos and comedies on his Vine account as well as his YouTube channel.  He now stares in movies and TV comedy shows. He is not married but has dated a few women. King bach net worth is $2 million.