Festivals and Events in Alicante: Celebrating Tradition and Culture

What can be as admirable as spending sunny days at the bright festival with your loved ones? Are you looking forward to the unique lifetime journey to the country that offers the best summer memories? Or is it your preference to rest on the sandy beach soaked in the sea warmth? If you can relate to any of these, then make sure to visit Alicante. 

Head for the southeastern coast of Spain to reach this stunning city. Alicante celebrates the bright culture as well as the ancient local traditions. Come there and engage in the colorful celebration of Spanish culture.

Unique Cultural Sites to Visit in Alicante 

Take a glance at the most remarkable aspects of Alicante’s life below:

  • First of all, travellers visiting Alicante always have a chance to join numerous local festivals. The most famous fest is the Hogueras de San Juan, also known as St. John’s Bonfires. Come and enjoy the vibrant street parades, large bonfires, and the stunning celebration of the rich Spanish culture there.
  • Second, make sure to taste the flavorful Alicante cuisine. The most iconic meals include turron, arroz a banda, paella, wines, rice dishes, and all types of seafood. One of the best dining places in Alicante is La Taberna del Gourmet. It offers excellent seafood, wines, and other traditional dishes. The restaurant’s address is C. San Fernando, 10, 03002 Alicante, Spain.
  • Next, the historical sites in Alicante add to the city’s worldwide tourism recognition. Alicante is home to several marvellous landmarks that reflect the rich local past. For example, Santa Barbara Castle presents vibrant panoramic views. Its address is 03002 Alicante, Spain. 
  • Of course, arts and culture in Alicante present an essential component of the local attractions. Visitors appreciate several museums and art galleries including the Teatro Principal, the Alicante Auditorium, and the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art. Come to the Teatro Principal where you can enjoy the theatrical experiences under the Alicante sky. Its address is Pl. Ruperto Chapí, s/n, 03001 Alacant, Spain.
  • Last but not least, stop by the local Spanish crafts as you explore Alicante and its cultural riches. A perfect place for you to dive into the local art is Mercado Central. There you can try and purchase local products, spices, fresh produce, and handmade crafts. Its address is Av. Alfonso El Sabio, nº 10, 03004 Alicante, Spain.

Those are just a few aspects of Alicante’s diverse cultural heritage. The city’s Mediterranean history and artistic charm make Alicante a captivating destination for your next vacation. Come and taste the vibrant riches of this Spanish city as you are looking forward to a perfect summer journey. 

Engaging in Alicante’s Culture with Easy and Quick Car Rental

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The Brightest Festivals for You to See When in Alicante

Once you have decided on your efficient transportation, take a closer look at the brightest festivals in Alicante:

  • First, Las Hogueras de San Juan – or Bonfires of San Juan – presents visitors with the most famous fest on the southeastern coast of Spain. This celebration takes place annually in late June. Come and enjoy the local craft of building the “ninots” sculptures. The festival also offers several street parades, traditional music and dancing, and bright fireworks displays. 
  • Besides, Semana Santa – or Holy Week in English – provides another opportunity for you to explore the local culture in Alicante. It is an annual holiday that takes place during the last week before Easter. The event includes majestic processions with religious statues through the city’s streets. 
  • Also, make sure to join the lively International Jazz Festival of Alicante. This event attracts locals as well as foreigners around the bright art of music. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about Alicante’s cultural heritage through festivals. 
  • Finally, Feria de Arte – or Contemporary Art Fair – is a unique cultural site that is available annually in October. Both local and international artists present their works to the public there. The event includes exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and many other chances to engage with modern art. 

These and several other celebrations are available for you to enjoy in Alicante. If you are looking for the chance to explore the rich Spanish culture, this city is the perfect place for you. Yet, to fully immerse yourself in the unique cultural adventures there, make sure to pick the right transportation. 

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