The Importance of Pop Culture in Seattle: What to Know

The history of Seattle begins long before people ever know about pop culture. The first rise of the city was because of the Gold Rush. But now, Seattle is strongly connected with pop culture. The city is home to a variety of museums, historical pop culture places, etc.

If you’re a geek or just interested in pop culture, this article will be interesting for you. Here we’ll explain how Seattle is connected with pop culture and why pop culture became an integral part of Seattle’s history and culture.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to visit Seattle. In this article, you’ll find out about interesting places which are somehow connected with pop culture. But don’t consider them as for-geeks-only locations. Every tourist will find them interesting. So, while you’re searching for Seattle car rentals, we’ll begin.

History of Seattle pop-culture

The history of Seattle as a pop-culture capital begins in the early 1990-s with the growing popularity of grunge. As most grunge bands were from Seattle, the city became a personification of everything connected to this music, including:

  1. Distorted guitars;
  2. Angsty lyrics;
  3. Punk spirit;
  4. Departure from the old;
  5. Rising new.

That’s the time when Seattle became something new. With the growing popularity of the city, new locations appeared, and new roots were found. And as time passed, Seattle was no longer a northwest city in Washington. Now, it’s truly the capital of pop culture, where the history of pop culture is immortalized, and its future is developed.

Each year it attracts millions of groups of tourists that are somehow interested in pop culture. For such travelers, Seattle SUV rental was invented and developed, as there’s no way you would see everything on foot.

Pop-culture historical places in Seattle you should visit

Seattle is a city with a rich pop-culture history. And it won’t be an overstatement if we say that each building in Seattle is connected with the development of pop culture. To actually feel the vibe of Seattle pop culture, you’ll need to spend around a week in Seattle with one of the available cars for rent. But we understand that it’s almost impossible for tourists to do. That’s why in this paragraph, you’ll find a must-have to visit places.

  1. Central Saloon. If you read something about grunge history, you already know the place. But, for those who are unaware of it, we’ll explain. Central Saloon is not a pub from a western movie, it’s a historical place where every great grunge band started, including Nirvana. At that time, Cobain used to sing on the Saloon stage to visitors. From that time, Central Saloon was almost unchanged. So, every visitor who wants to see where all Seattle grunge bands started can visit Central Saloon.
  2. Museum of pop-culture. As we said before, each building in Seattle is somehow connected with pop culture. Yet, there’s no need to look for car rental offers to check this statement. In Seattle, there’s a place that collects and shows every little part of pop culture in Seattle and far beyond. Seattle Museum of Pop-culture was founded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, in 2000. At first, it was a place dedicated to Paul’s favorite singer Jimmy Hendrix. But, soon after that museum developed into a place where everything connected to pop culture is cultivated. Now, the museum is full of different exhibitions and programs for people of all ages and interests. The best proof of that is the fact that the Museum of Pop-culture is one of the most visited places in Seattle.


As you can see, for the past 30 years, Seattle strongly connected with pop culture. It is now hard to imagine the city as something not the capital of pop culture. In this article, we wanted you to understand some basics of this connection. Yet, if you are interested in something more, plan your next trip to Seattle. You won’t be disappointed!