Fredo Santana net worth

Fredo Santana net worth


Derrick Coleman an American rapper known as Fredo Santana was born on 4, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America. He is best for his successful debut, Trappin Ain’t Dead, in 2013 which raised Fredo Santana net worth. His first mixtape is “its scary site” so many guest appearances feature by young scooter,  alley boy and  Lil Durk, and many other personalities. Fredo Santana had made his cameo appearance along with Drake in his music video. He became famous due to his rap composition.

Fredo Santana Biography

Fredo Santana doesn’t want to give information about his personal life, about his parents and early life.T he starting of his career take part in music rapping in the year September 20,  2012, and his second mixtape released in the year 2013. One of his most famous and hit his but album is Trappin’ Ain’t dead that placed in the US rapper top charts at 45th position.

Fredo Santana Education

At the age of 14, Fredo reported for beating up the school teacher during his schooling. He was already charged for his mug shot in the street at the age of 12 and never discussed his personal life.

Fredo Santana Career and Early Life

He introduced  to the world of rapping with his released with the release of Chief Keef’s song ‘I Don’t Like.’ He also published several more mixtape in 2012 Chef had begun making music, and Fredo joined him. During his first music career, He was not too keen on making music career just took as a hobby. However, he always made excuses to skip studios and kept himself busy with drugs.

He was involved in drugs trading, but after when he realized that Chief was doing well and working hard to attain fame, Fredo became conscious about his career and started getting serious about music. In February 2013, Fredo released ‘FredoKruger, ‘his mixtape, which was also released independently. It was also made available on ‘iTunes’ in same year Although Drake listened to his music and asked him to feature in the music video of his song ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home.’ The video featured Fredo as the “bad guy” who kidnaped Drake’s girlfriend. After this he appeared in Drake’s music video, Fredo’s fame went beyond Chicago, and he soon began to be recognized nationally.

Fredo Santana Personal Life

Fredo Santana was extremely secretive about his personal life, as of his record there is no news for his family, relationships and marriage life.

Mixtape and Albums

Over the next few years, Fredo released several mixtapes such as ‘Street Shit,’ in 2012 It’s a Scary Site 2,’ ‘Walking Legend,’ in 2014 and Ain’t No Money like Trap Money which released in 2015 ‘Fredo Mafia.’ In 2016 He kept his musical style more or less the same, even with the release of his sophomore album, ‘Fredo Kruger 2,’ which released in 2017.

Fredo Santana Net Worth

The Fredo Santana net worth is approximately $3.5 million. But his previous net worth was listed in 2011 were in dollars $ 190, 2012, Fredo earned $235,654 and

And in the year 2013, the earning increased to $396,768. And in the consecutive years of 2014, 2015, 2016 Fredo received $352,890, $399,098 and $405,900 respectively.

He is the owner a private residential house at Chicago, Illinois. In May 2015 he also bought a property in the New York City. He revealed about his guest house in some YouTube videos with attached swimming room, barbecue, and garden. Fredo was the former Co-CEO for his cousin record label glory Boyz entertainment. Also earned $ 9,831 by the sponsors. From his album walking legend -$534,765, it’s a scary site – $426,709, Trappin’ Ain’t dead -$324,512, and street shit -$234,765.

Fredo Santana is the owner a private residential house at Chicago, Illinois.

He also bought a property in the New York in May 2015 he revealed about his guest house. In YouTube videos with attached swimming room, barbecue, and garden.

Fredo’sallalbums are available in the form of DVD’s and the iTunes with the price of $9.99 for a complete album and each singles starting from $1.29.

At his young age, Fredo earned a net worth of $ 1 million additionally; he also owns a house in Chicago and has got property in New York City.

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Fredo Santana death

Santana a heavy user of drugs late on January 19, 2018. The cause of death a seizure caused by lean addiction Santana hospitalized in March 2017 after suffering a seizure he diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy, in My 2017.

Santana rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with both liver and kidney failure. After released from the hospital he tweeted about joining rehabilitation facility. However, he couldn’t keep his promise continued to consume drugs.

On the evening of January 19, 2018, at around 11:30 pm local time. His girlfriend discovered him unresponsive at their home Reseda, Los Angeles. His death shocked for all his followers and fans, his life was short.

But he suffered a lot from his early life and Fredo Santana journey from hustling.

Street kid to successful rapper terrific because he achieved success, fame, and money. At a young age, he turned nothing from something  He came up from nothing, but he completed everything.

This was all about Fredo Santana net worth.