Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth

Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth


Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1958. He eventually quitted his job because of his passion to venture in the comedy industry. Jeffrey star and fame erupted at the time when the country music was at its epic which raised Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth.  His fame magnified as an opening act for country music superstars like Emmylou Harris and rooks.  Foxworthy managed to sell more than 2 million of his book.

Jeff’s first recording which was dubbed as ‘you might be a redneck if ‘hit the market on a double platinum earning him significant fortunes. In 1995, Jeff starred on the sitcom show popularly known as the Jeffrey Foxworthy show.  Also, Jeff hosted a number of popular television shows for many years. Foxworthy build his name as a comedian, a radio personality and a talk show host over the years now. He builds his career from what he believed that he can entertain without using profanity.


Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy was born in September 6, 1958 at Atlanta Georgia.  Jeff was from South, but his father was a computer guru working as an executive in the IBM Company located at Hapeville Georgia.  Foxworthy claims that although his father had a very high level professional job, he displayed traits that Jeff would describe as being redneck.

Jeff Foxworthy was a class clown during his early years. In his leisure time, he often listen to the recordings of popular comics the like of Bob Newhart, Flip Wilson and Wilson Cosby.

Wilson Cosby was Jeff’s favorite’s comedian and a mentor. Foxworthy likes Cosby because the veteran was able to entertain without using profanity unlike many other comedians. Further, Jeffrey was also a very competitive football player in high school. Foxworthy used to play in a very aggressive manner that led to frequent visit to the local emergency room for a checkup.

Jeff Foxworthy intended to follow his father footsteps by majoring his career in computer technology.  He was fortunate enough to get a job at Georgia working at the IBM Company.

At his work, Jeffrey discovered that he gained more enjoyment in entertaining his workers more than working with computers.  That is when he discovered his comedy talent. Foxworthy eventually quit his job to venture into the comedy industry.  With the support of his wife, Mrs. Pamela Gregg Grethe, Jeffrey went on the road laying the groundwork for his unwavering success.

Albums, Films and their Success Stories

At one of the clubs in Detroit, Michigan, Jeffrey Foxworthy first discovered his comedic voice.  Next to the club was a bowling alley offering valet parking. Jeffrey was struck by the irony and immediately went to his room and compiled a list of characteristics that would make a person redneck.

For instance ‘You ever mowed your lawn and found a car or ‘You go to a family reunion to meet a women’.

At that particular time, the country music was experiencing a boom in the country. Foxworthy’s   “redneck-jibling humour’ made a breakthrough into the market. He became famous as an opening act for country music superstars like Emmylou Harris and Garth Brooks. At that moment Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth started to increase.  Foxworthy’s first recording ‘you Might Be a Redneck’ went on a double platinum, breaking the previous record set by Eddie Murphy in 1980.

‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’

In 1995, Foxworthy stared in a situation comedy show typically referred as the ‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’ roughly based on his comedy routines. The NBC picked up Jeffrey’s series which lasted for two seasons in 1996.

In 1996, Jeff won awards including the People Choice Awards and Personality of the year in 2001.

Foxworthy hosted a weekly radio show ‘The Foxworthy Countdown’ from 1999 to 2009

He received his first Grammy nomination for his 1995 comedy album “Games Redneck s Play which was the base of Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth. Foxworthy managed to author over 20 humour books including Learning to talk more and many other.

After making a number of tours he created a show series with the name Blue Collar TV for the network. The popularity of his comedy tour inspired the group to released three DVD movies.

The Southern Reputation

Jeffrey Foxworthy had been very successful marketing his comedic insights into the identification and spoofing of rednecks. Foxworthy with deep rooted in the South, often counts himself as a typical redneck.  He parlayed his Southern brand of humour into his own huge popularity.  With several sounds comedy, television situation comedy and a number of books, Foxworthy has eventually become virtually a household word.

Scandals, love affairs, Breakups and relationship

Foxworthy married Pamela Gregg in 1985, and has two daughters with her. Jeff is closely involved with the Duke University Children Hospital in Durham. The hospital has specialized in treating children with cancer. He also helped the hospital in raising money for cancer treatment. He is also an outdoor enthusiast who loves hunting and has appeared on several outdoor chanell.

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 Jeffrey Foxworthy previous and current Net worth

Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy is an American actor, a television personality and a comedian from Atlanta. Jeff gained his recognition when his co-workers signed him up for a ‘laugh off’ where he won the competition. He pursued his stand up on Comedy career after then and has been on comedy tours across the whole of America.  Foxworthy is one of the most accomplished comedians of all times.

He had success as a stand up comedian, radio host and a book writer. He has won a number of awards for his work as a comedian so there is no doubt why his net worth is so high. Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth is notable.

As of 2018, Jeff Foxworthy‘s net worth is estimated to be $100 million dollars.

This was all about Jeffrey Foxworthy Net Worth.