Robert Carradine Net Worth

Robert Carradine Net Worth

Early life

We are going to discuss Robert Carradine Net Worth today. Robert Carradine is an American famous actor. He was born on 24 March 1954 in the U.S. His real name is Robert Reed Carradine. And nickname Bobby. He is the youngest member of his family. From an early age, he was very much interested in acting, and he dreamed of being a big actor. When he grew up, he and his brother David went to different schools in California and Los Angeles for performing. At first, he came to the world of acting by acted in a TV serial called Bonanza on West TV channel NBC. He worked for a year in this series. It lasted from 1959 to 1973. In about 14 years, there are 471 episodes in this series. After this, he first acted in The Cowboys movie in 1972. Since 1972, he has been acting in American films ‍and yet his popularity is the skyscraper.

Robert Carradine Net Worth

Most of the people in his family were actors. His mother was an actress and artist and his father was an actor. When he was only 2 years old, his father divorced his mother. Then he became very alone. Then he grew up with his elder brother and grandfather. These were the biggest guides for his acting.

Educational Information:

It is known about his school life more information is not known. When he is in high school, he went to California with his elder brother David. He went there to learn songs and race-car driving.

The career of  Robert Carradine

Film: In 1972, by acting in the film of The Cowboys, he made his film debut in the film. He worked with the award-winning actor and director John Wayne in this film. At the same time started working on short-time television serials. After that, he was awarded the title of the killer for acting in a murder scene in the film. He acted as the first murderer scene in the movie of Martin Scorsese that was Mean Streets’s During this time, he worked with his brother David in some independent projects. One of them is You and Me (1975). Then in 1976, while playing Paul Barte’s Cannonball movie, there was a chance to show in front of Carradine’s “first ambition” car racing on the TV screen. And in 1977, he won the cross-country road race in the role of Robert in the film directed by his brother David.In 1978, he acted in Hal Ashby’s Oscar winner drama Coming Home. It was a drama arranged on the war in Vietnam and its popularity was the skyscraper.

Throughout his career, everyone is sure that he will be the best actor in his family. Then in 1980, starring Samuel Fleur’s ‘The Big Red One’ with Mark Hamill and Lee Marvin.  Since then, he has played more than 150 movies. Of these, there were several episode-based TV serials. Some of his famous movies have been mentioned: The Cowboys, Cannonball, The Big Red One, Buy & Sell, Number One with a Bullet, The 1 Second Film. 

Robert Carradine Television work:

Television: In 1972 Robert worked first in Bonanza TV serials. Then he consistently acted in his Brother David’s TV serials. Kung Fu was one of the best serials. She worked with American famous actress Melissa Sue Anderson in 1979. Then in 1987, he starred in the famous series HBO. Then in 2001-2003, he starred as the father role in Lizzie McGuire After that, he has acted in several TV serials in 2013 and 2015.

Personal life: He is now the father of two daughters and one son. One of his daughters is now an American actress and his son’s name is Ian Alexander Carradine. In 2015, he became a victim of a terrible road accident. He and his wife were in the hospital for quite some time. Then his wife divorced him. Robert’s wife mentioned in the divorce file, Robert’s brother David did not commit suicide in 2009 rather he became murdered, and Robert was involved with this murder. Moreover, his wife also claimed that Robert had deliberately caused this car accidental to kill her. Then, on divorce time Robert’s wife got $70,000 as fine from Robert.

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  • 3rd Genie Awards in 1982.
  • 8th Cable ACE Awards in 1987.
  • 16th Golden Boot Awards in 1998.

Robert Carradine Net Worth

Robert Carradine’s Net Worth is $300 Thousand Dollars. Acting is the only career in his life. And the main medium of his earnings is acting.

The social network of Robert Carradine:

Now I am talking about Robert Carradine that is really astonishing. A famous actor likes him who is not associated with any other social media without Twitter. Even he does not use the most popular social media like Facebook. In 2012, he started using Twitter, and he has a verified Twitter profile. But he is not regular there. Almost 7300 people follow him on Twitter. He is not associated with any other social network.

Some amusing information about Robert Carradine:

  • He has no institutional educational qualifications.
  • His family is called the actors family. Because his parents were the actors and actresses. Her brother is an actor and now her daughter is an actress, and his nephew is currently an American actor.
  • He is not involved in any kind of business or occupation without acting.
  • Robert was the son of his father’s third wife.
  • Her parents were divorced. And he is a divorced man.
  • Robert is an English, Dutch, and Irish ancestry for his father. Because his father was the descendant of Killeen van Russell who is the co-founder of East India Company.

Although Robert Carradine is not very happy in his personal life, he has succeeded in every step of his professional life. He was involved in acting in 1971 and now he is still on the same profession. Having an affair with the family, one of his daughters became an actress. He played different roles in his acting career, like killer, father, fuller, etc. However, through his personal information, it can be sure that he likes to live a very simple life.

This was all about Robert Carradine Net Worth.