NBA Young Boy Net worth

NBA Young Boy Net worth

Christened Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, the American Prodigy Rapper knew as NBA young boy  (Never Broke Again) rose to popularity in the American Music Industry (Which raised NBA Young Boy Net worth) when he was barely fourteen. Known to have spent time in prison on several occasions, it remains ironic and shocking how he has been able to make a niche for himself in the Music Industry.  Never Broke Again Young boy or Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is better known for his February 2018 single “outside today” which remain at number 31 on the hot 100 Billboard chart. He has been rated to have the net worth of $ 6 million as at January 2018.

While minding the net worth of this amazing rap artists,  something that should be put into cognizance is the series of criminalities that mar his record. Part of those things that put him on the controversial end of the rope is

  • His father was sentenced to 55 years imprisonment while he was merely a toddler.
  • NBA is a school dropout.  He dropped out in ninth grade to focus on his music career.
  • NBA released his debut single from the proceedings of robbery.
  • Never Broke Again Young boy was sentenced to a 10 years prison in December 2016 which was later suspended by a court in August 2017.
  • NBA was re-arrested on February 2018 for assault and kidnapping.

Did You Know?

  1. NBA Young boy was raised by his maternal grandmother.
  2. NBA Young boy broke his neck in a wrestling match while he was still a small boy.
  3. He still has the brace mark from the broken neck on his head till today.
  4. NBA releases most of his singles while in prison
  5. NBA owns a tiger as a pet
  6. His hot single ‘outside today’ has been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube.
  7. He has fathered four children with four mothers. He had three of his children before he was 17.
  8. NBA’s grandmother died of a heart attack
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NBA young boy started his music career in the prison after his first arrest.  He wrote lyrics while spending time in jail after being sentenced for a robbery offense. His first few songs were recorded using a microphone bought from Walmart. At this period,  he was around the age of 14. He featured officially in the Music Industry for the first time in 2014.

Never Broke Again or NBA young boy as he is widely known as a rap artist who came into limelight when he challenged a fellow rap artiste using rap music which is full of life threats. People started to notice the duo during their studio war which brought NBA young boy into the public limelight. There is, however,  no form of physical harm arisen from the threats that are known of.

NBA young boy age and achievements

NBA Young boy is 18 years old and has released sensational rap songs to the American populace.  He is a prodigy when it comes to Rap music in America.  At 18, he has carved a niche for himself. Considering his not so smooth lifestyle and the fact that he has been to prison when he was barely 14, these feats are obviously outstanding and extraordinary. Altogether, he has released

ü  4 singles

ü  19 mixtapes

ü  1 studio Album.

Never Broke again young boy is signed to Atlantic Records which raised NBA Young Boy Net worth.

Legal Tussles.

His legal tussles began in 2016 where he was charged for first class attempted murder. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison which was later overruled in  August 2017 and was given just three years of probation. It would have been a hopeful situation if he had not been re-arrested in February 2018 for assaulting his girlfriend, Jania on counts bordering on kidnapping and assault. He was caught on a CCTV camera while body slamming his girlfriend. Now,  he might be in for the sharp edge of the Jury’s blade.


Kentrell DeSean Gaulden Popularly known as NBA young boy was raised by his maternal grandmother in the capital city of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. His father,  having been slashed a 55 years jail term,  was not around to provide the fatherly role in his life. NBA young boy had a rather rough childhood. It’s no wonder then,  that he had his neck broken in a wrestling match when he was barely four.

Marital Status.

NBA young boy is yet to be married but has four children from his baby mama’s. He is already expecting the fifth child from his fourth baby mama.  This is quite a feat for someone who is just 19 years old. The names of his children are




And Taylin.

He was rumored to have denied ownership of one of the children though.

He was in a relationship with Jania Jackson until early 2018.

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He dropped out when he was in ninth grade to focus on his music career. He couldn’t do that, however, due to his involvement in criminal activities, the NBA was later arrested and sentenced to jail. ANd started writing the lyrics of his music while in jail. He also released some mixtapes like ’38 baby’ in prison. NBA caught the public fancy for pulling such a feat while in prison and had over 100 million views on YouTube that was the key base of NBA Young Boy Net worth. NBA was signed into the Atlantic Records record label. He has one Album,  4 singles and 19 Mixtapes. It is interesting to know that NBA young boy Started his music career at 14 with a microphone he bought from Walmart.

NBA Young boy quick profile.

«  He was born on October 20, 1999,18 years old and one of the fast-rising rap artiste in America.

«  NBA Young Boy was raised by his grandmother

«  His father was sentenced to 55 years jail term

«  He dropped out of high school when he was in the ninth grade.

«  And not married yet.

«  NBA has four children and expecting the fifth

«  Also has served terms in jail

«  NBA Young Boy Net worth is notable. His net worth is $ 6 million dollars.

«  The names of his children are Kayden, Kamron, and Taylin.

The fast-rising rap artiste has a promising career if not tainted by his criminal records. As of now,  his net worth still stands at $ 6 Million.

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