Gravity Forms Add-Ons You Need to Have for a Better Experience

Gravity Forms is a popular and notably one of the best WordPress plugins to create forms for your website. However, regardless of this plugin being considered exceptional, many add-ons have been developed to enhance form-building capabilities in an attempt to improve user experience. This blog will highlight top Gravity Forms add-ons to help you take your WordPress forms to the next level.

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The Best Gravity Forms Add-ons to Have in 2022

Though you’ll come across numerous add-ons for Gravity Forms, the ones we’re about to share with you are ideal for offering a better experience on your WordPress website to your users.

Gravity Booking

Are you tired of manually taking appointments for your business? Are you struggling to manage your booking schedule? With the help of the Gravity Booking add-on for Gravity Forms, you’ll be able to automate this process. This add-on allows you to create an online booking and scheduling system with Gravity Forms.

This 100% mobile-friendly add-on lets clients book appointments on the go. Though this is a premium add-on, the associated features are worth spending on. To help you make up your mind, you can go for the 14-day free trial and pay after being completely satisfied. Here are a few key features to convince you to go for this add-on-day;

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Easily extract data
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Calendar or list view
  • Email alerts & notifications
  • Add-to-my-calendar button
  • One-way sync with google calendar
  • Book auto-time slot for customers

And much more

Booking and scheduling solution like appointment reminder software is perfect for managing all your clients online if you are running a law firm, clinic, spa, saloon, tuition center, gym, cinema, or even a restaurant.

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads

Gravity Forms file uploads feature offers limited capabilities when it comes to users uploading images. You can’t preview your images or make slight changes like cropping or sorting. However, with the help of the Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms add-on, you can offer a better user experience. Also, your users will be able to do a lot more with their image uploads.

This add-on allows users to preview their files before uploading them. In addition, users are offered a smart upload editor that will enable them to edit, rotate and even crop an image before uploading. This premium add-on has many features that will enhance the number of form submissions on your website. Also, to ensure you know what you are paying for, a 14-day free trial is available. Here are a few key features of this amazing Gravity Forms add-on.

  • Image cropping
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Easy installation
  • Notification email
  • Single-entry view
  • Sequence sorting
  • Alter aspect ratio for images
  • Upload preview
  • Smart image editor

And much more.

Import Entries in Gravity Forms

This is a fantastic extension that allows you to import countless entries to Gravity Forms without any hassle. You can’t expect to import a CSV file more easily. In addition, the admin has the power to update existing entries that match the Entry ID. You can comfortably import and update entries with this exceptional Gravity Forms add-on.

Here are a few key features of the Import Entries in Gravity Forms add-on;

  • Easy to install
  • Conditional logic filters
  • Email notification
  • Validate rules on gravity forms
  • Import entries from either gravity form or a CSV file
  • Export entries from the gravity form
  • Easy to update existing entries

And much more.

Payment Gateways in Gravity Forms

By now, I’m pretty sure you are aware of what you can do with Gravity Forms. From creating simple to advanced forms to managing your schedule and taking bookings, this plugin is the ultimate solution to help you in guiding your business to success. However, all companies require the need of the proper payment gateways to receive payments. – BINGO! There are many add-ons available that allow you to receive payments through Gravity Forms. That means, if you were looking for ways to start accepting online payments, your problem is solved.

Here are a few notable Gravity Forms add-ons to set up a payment gateway on your website.

Pay With Square in Gravity Forms

Pay With Square in Gravity Forms is an exceptional extension that allows your users to pay their recurring or simple payments through Gravity Forms using the Square Payment Gateway. This premium add-on is perfect for you to start getting paid online. Here are a few features that come with this tool;

  • Customizable subscription cycle and renewal settings
  • Multiple Square account connections
  • Email notification
  • Transaction notes
  • Save card on file feature

And much more.

However, the Square API is currently available in France, Spain, the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Japan, and Australia. If you are dealing with clients that belong to countries other than the ones listed, then you can use other payment gateway add-ons like Payeezy With Gravity Forms, WorldPay With Gravity Forms, and Sumup With Gravity Forms. These are similar add-ons you can use to set up payment gateways on your WordPress website and start receiving online payments.

Wrap Up

Gravity Forms is an outstanding WordPress plugin for custom form building. In addition, the add-ons we have mentioned above will surely enhance this plugin’s capabilities. Therefore, to boost user experience on your website, give these Gravity Forms add-ons a try and thank us later.