How to Use a Multi Currency Converter for Shopify

A Multi Currency Converter is a must-have for online stores. It enables an online store to reach customers around the world, regardless of their location. Many shoppers prefer to pay with their preferred currency while making purchases. By converting prices in multiple currencies, a Multi Currency Converter helps online stores cater to a variety of customers. This way, they will not only increase their sales, but also improve their customer satisfaction. To learn how to use a Multi Currency Converter, read on!

Shopify free currency converter

While Shopify offers its own free currency converter, there are numerous alternatives. While the latter two are similar in price and features, they offer a free plan with up to three currencies, as well as a limited free trial period. However, if you are looking for an app that offers more options and a lower monthly fee, you should consider the Language Translate + Currency. Its unique features include the ability to automatically switch currencies based on the customer’s location, as well as support for multiple languages Another option is Coin Currency Converter, which allows native checkouts in the same currency as the shopper’s country. This option also provides SEO features for free.

The Bear by Conversion Currency Converter is another Shopify currency converter app. This app offers multiple currencies and regularly updates exchange rates, which reduces buyer friction. However, this app uses a third-party programme, which may not support certain currencies’ formatting. This can result in pricing irregularities. However, it’s worth mentioning that Cloud Coder offers an app that combines a currency converter with language translation possibilities. This way, users can view prices in their local currency without any flicker.

FREE currency converter

A free multi currency converter app is a great way to check the rates of different currencies in one place. This app can provide the conversion rate to two decimal places. It also allows users to view charts, recent rates, and cryptocurrencies’ prices. You can even see what is the current price of a product in your own currency. Once you’ve downloaded this app, you can use it to pay bills with third-party apps and check the current gold and silver price.

One of the most popular apps for multi-currency conversion is Auto Currency Switcher by Booster Apps. Its free version has limited features, but you can upgrade to the paid version for full features. This app allows you to convert over 220 currencies, including Bitcoins and precious metals. You can even see the conversion rates by using a drop-down menu. Another great option is Currency Converter Plus by Code Black Belt. This app syncs with real-time currency rates and allows you to change the currency instantly, without having to change your original store price.

Booster app

A multi currency converter is a great feature for an online store, but it’s also a good idea to check whether the app supports your business’s currency. Some apps, especially those designed for international sales, are designed for only one or two countries. You’ll need to have the proper software for your store to handle multiple currencies. Multi Currency Convertor Hero will detect the IP address of your website’s visitors and switch the currency automatically depending on where the visitor is.

If you’re not a big business owner and you want a multi currency converter for your store, you’ll want to consider one of the following apps. Shopify currency converter apps are relatively similar and both charge a small monthly fee. Both offer a free trial period and an unlimited number of currencies. However, Booster is a little bit less known but still offers unique features, including an online support archive and email support.

Auto currency switcher

With Auto Currency Switcher for Shopify, you can target international customers and increase your global sales. The app automatically detects the customer’s country and displays the flag in the currency selection box. The settings allow you to customize the placement of the currency converter and it is compatible with Shopify Payments’ multiple currency check-out feature. To learn more, check out the Auto Currency Switcher. After downloading it, simply follow the simple installation instructions.

The automatic currency switcher can be installed in any Shopify store, making it compatible with all types of international customers. The app automatically detects a customer’s location by IP address and converts prices to their local currency and removes decimal points for customers from foreign countries. It’s a one-click installation, which means no coding is required. Customers can also choose the currency they want to pay in without wasting time and frustration.