Hat etiquette can transform the way you look and behave in any event 

Of all the hats that have gained popularity, cowboy hats are the most beloved western wear accessories. Apart from wearing and buying cowboy hats, there is another aspect every hat wearer must bring under consideration and that is hat etiquette. Cowboy hats are a personal accessory and are sometimes expensive items that you would not want to pass around. Remember that purchasing a hat is an overwhelming task. It’s because there are several options available in the market. From fedora to cowboy to baseball and Panama, the list is never-ending. You must be cautious of the pros and cons of each category so that you can grab everybody’s attention.

Some standard etiquette points

You have to keep in mind a few essential hat etiquettes when wearing a hat. Remember that the hat not only completes your outfit but also takes your personality to the next level. Hence, if you want to create the right impression, you have to pay attention to the following points:

  • When you enter a building, your hat must come off
  • If you are attending an informal function, you may put the hat back, but the cap must stay off if it is a formal event
  • When you sit at the table for a meal, your hat must come off
  • But when you sit at a counter for dinner or lunch, you may keep your hat on
  • When you eat, you can keep your hat on but be very cautious when you speak to other individuals and ensure that it does not give a poor impression

If you look at the history of cowboy hats, you will see that people used felt for manufacturing these hats. Initially, the primary purpose of wearing a hat was to protect an individual from the harsh sun. However, things have changed, and today it has become a fashion attribute. Today, you have different materials used for constructing cowboy hats. Cowboy hats are available in many fabrics, from straw to wool to felt.

There are two aspects of a cowboy hat. The first is functionality, and the second is aesthetics. Along with this, you can wear cowboy hats in any season. Hence, it is an all-season accessory. You can adorn it in the hot summer and the cold winter. Straw cowboy hats are very much in trend because they are comfortable and breathable.

You can wear it at informal events and official get-togethers

When it comes to handling hats, you have two schools of thought. One school believes that when you take your hat off or on, you must hold it by the brim. Another school believes that handling the headwear by the brim is not an option. Lightly grasping the crown may be an option. Essentially, it depends on your preference. The way you handle the hat influences the bending or flexing of the crown or brim. Hence, you must be very careful when handling caps. If you are very tough with your bend or flex, the hat will lose shape. Generally, taking the hats by the crown is the best option.

When traveling with hats, most individuals use hatboxes for better protection. These solid containers help protect the headwear from environmental and physical damage. Although these are a little luxurious, they are ideal for your travel purpose.

When is the right time to remove the cowboy hat? 

You have to keep in mind few cues when removing the cowboy hat. It is an integral part of hat etiquette, which are listed below:

  • When the national anthem is on, the flag gets hoisted, people pledge, etc. When you are in the church, attending an indoor wedding, a prayer session, or funeral.
  • When you introduce yourself to a stranger. Remove your hat by using your left hand so that you can extend your right hand for handshaking.
  • When you meet an elderly person, you may remove your hat. Also, when you meet a man of high status, for example, a priest, clergy pastor, you may should your hat.
  • When you initiate a conversation with an individual, there is no need to remove your hat, but when you engage in a detailed discussion, your hat must come off.
  • When you are in your home, you must remove your hat. But if you see others wearing their hats, you can put it on.

Be very strategic when you are taking it on and off. If you want to create the correct feeling, you have to lay your cowboy hat with the help of the brim. Along with this, you have to be hesitant that you do not show the inside of the headwear. The inside lining and the headband must not be visible to the public. You have to remove the hat when you are dining in a restaurant, or you are at a table for a meal. These are a few points to keep in mind when you are in a public place.

Buy the correct size

One of the first areas every hat wearer must focus on is getting the right size of the hat. Too small or too big a hat is not appropriate. For example, if you lose a hat, it will blow off even in a light breeze. On the other hand, too small headwear will squeeze your head. Hence, you have to get the right size that fits your head and makes you feel comfortable.

Take care of your cowboy hat

Although a American hat makers does not require much maintenance, you have to be very careful when handling them to extend durability. When purchasing cowboy hats, pay attention to the material. Along with this, you can ask the shopkeeper about the maintenance tips. Whenever you use a cowboy hat, you must lightly dust it when you come back home. Along with this, you have to store it in a clean and dry place, keeping it away from moisture. Adding to this is another vital factor. Ensure there is no unnecessary pressure on the hat so that the cap does not lose shape.

The cowboy hat is a personal possession. Hence, you have to take care when you purchase the headwear and wear it in a public place. Whether it is the brim of the crown, you have to be very cautious when handling it. Ensure that it sits on a flat surface away from pressure whenever you store it.