Differences between Curtains, Drapes, Shades and Blinds

I have heard so many people referring to patio curtains as drapes, shades and blinds. Are patio curtains the same as these other window coverings? You might be surprised to find that patio curtains are not the same thing as blinds or drapes.

While patio curtains are used for outdoor settings, they are still traditional window coverings used in the home. Drapes are generally made of silk, velvet or cotton and shaped much like a bell when installed on a curtain rod. Curtains can also be made with special trims hung from pleats. Patio curtains come in three different styles: tab top (which is similar to standard drapery), pencil bottom (which fits tightly against the patio door) and wave (which is similar to pencil bottom patio curtains, but the wave shape gives patio decor a more casual look).

Which one do you want?

There are three basic choices for patio door window treatments: patio curtains, roman blinds and roller shades. If you want patio doors that offer an elegant touch of color, patio drapery or patio curtains make the perfect choice. If you prefer something with more privacy but still want light filtering through your patio doors, select Roman blinds. For an easy way to open up your kitchen, living room or family room without sacrificing too much shade and privacy on your patio door, choose roller shades.

From the outside looking in it will be hard to figure whether they are drapes or patio curtains.

Patio Curtains vs Drapes

While patio curtains offer a casual, carefree patio decorating style, drapes are more formal and elegant. Patio curtains aren’t lined like drapes (meaning they don’t contain fabric lining or backings), but patio drapery does come in many different styles and fabrics. Some patio curtains will have hem weights for an even hang; others may be finished with tab tops, pencil pleats or other trims that add visual appeal to your patio door decor.

Patio blinds do not require the same installation process as patio curtain rods and brackets, meaning installation is quick and simple – perfect for renters! Roller shades attach directly to your patio door without any installation required; simply place them on the patio door.

If privacy is what you’re looking for, patio curtains offer more privacy than roller shades and roman blinds. Patio drapes come in traditional styles with tab tops or pencil pleats that allow light to filter through, which makes patio drapes the best choice if you want window treatments that will open up your living space while still providing some privacy. If patio drapery isn’t quite what you need, choose roller shades or roman blinds – both are ideal for blocking out sunlight completely without taking up too much room when opened (perfect for small spaces like kitchen, family or living rooms).

Roman Blinds vs Roller Shades

Both Roman blinds and roller shades are a great patio door choice for families that want the ability to open up their patio doors to help brighten and air out their living space, but still need some privacy on sunny days. Roller shades are made of lightweight vinyl which means they roll up tight when not in use. Roman blinds, on the other hand, are made from heavier materials like fabric or wood. Both options provide ease of installation (since no patio door hardware is required) and can quickly be raised or lowered as needed.

Which patio window treatment do you prefer for your patio room?

Patio Curtains, Drapes, Shades or Blinds?

Deciding between patio curtains, drapes, shades and blinds can seem overwhelming with so many patio door options to choose from. Patio curtains are casual patio decorating styles that offer more privacy than roller shades and roman blinds while still allowing some light to filter through on sunny days. Drapes are a formal patio decorating choice that add elegance to patio doors, but patio drapery isn’t ideal for renters because installation is required, making the selection of patio curtain rods necessary. Roman blinds and roller shades, on the other hand, provide easy way s to open up your living spaces with lightweight patio door accessories that attach directly to your patio doors without any hardware or installation needed.

Roman blinds can give a room a cozier feel if you choose wood over vinyl since they’re made from thicker materials. Blinds can be adjusted from completely closed to fully rose, allowing patio door users to control the amount of light that enters their patio room.

For a more casual patio decorating style, roller shades are a great patio door choice if you want an easy way to open up your living space without sacrificing too much shade and privacy on your patio doors. Roller shades attach directly to your patio doors without any installation required; simply place them on the patio door.


Patio blinds and patio drapes are more formal patio decorating styles that provide complete privacy (perfect for small spaces like bedroom or bathroom patio doors), but patio curtains and roller shades offer ease of use and adaptability to suit your patio door needs. If you’re unsure about which patio door treatment works best for your particular patio room – patio curtains, drapes, roller shades or blinds – consider calling a local interior designer or professional carpenter and ask for their opinion before making a purchase!