How to Store Your Welcome Home Banners When You’re Done Using Them

Custom-printed banners are great tools for welcoming home loved ones after long periods. Students, missionaries, soldiers, and other people who stay away from home for long periods deserve cheerful welcomes when they return. When custom-printed welcome home banners greet them at the airport or home, they feel special.

Since more people are receiving vaccinations every day, travel is in the minds of many people. Many people will be returning home for the first time since the COVID19 pandemic kickstarted in early 2020. Greeting these people with customized welcome banners is a very useful strategy because –

  • It kicks off a happy homecoming process for the visitors.
  • Colorful designs and artwork on the banners grab their attention immediately.
  • Banners also help visitors find the address easier. Out-of-town friends or family members don’t have to wonder which address to visit. They can clearly see the custom-printed banners featuring their names from afar.
  • People in the neighborhood are made aware of the long-awaited visit when homeowners install these banners in their yards.
  • Smaller and portable welcome banners can also be used at airports to greet students, soldiers, etc.

However, welcome banners are typically not used multiple times throughout the year. People mostly use these banners once and then store them inside their closets. Although vinyl banners are extremely durable, improper storage can cause them to lose their quality. Here’s how users should store their custom-printed banners once they’re done using them –

  • Roll, Never Fold: Always roll up your vinyl banners; never fold them. Folding vinyl banners makes them crumble up. Removing the creases or wrinkles becomes more difficult with time. The longer you keep your custom banners folded, the harder it’ll be for you to get rid of the wrinkles. Always roll up your custom-printed banner to avoid these issues.
  • Proper Storage:Digitally printed vinyl banners are surprisingly durable. They can withstand years of water, sun, or wind damage. Still, it’s better to store these banners in dark, dry, and cold locations. Using a storage tube to shield these banners is a great way to protect them from folding or fading. The banner remains intact within the tube. The risk of mold/mildew growth on the banners is also minimal.
  • Keep the Banners Away from Heat:Heat is a major enemy of all vinyl banners. Vinyl banners stored near heat sources disintegrate and become brittle. Vinyl banners may partially melt and become sticky. If you fold your banner and keep it in a hot location, it will become awfully sticky and impossible to use. The print ink on the banners may also fade away due to the constant exposure to heat.
  • Pre-Installation Preparation:Before hanging up your “welcome” banner, lay it down in a dry, sunny location. Smooth out all the wrinkles by running an iron on the banners. The mild heat from the sun and the pressure from the iron will get rid of all wrinkles.

Vinyl banners are extremely resilient. By following these storage rules, you can preserve your vinyl banners for decades.