How to Start a Creative Business

If you are quite a creative person with artistic skills and passion, then it makes sense that you might be thinking about turning this into a business. These days, unique, creative goods are becoming more and more popular thanks to sites like Etsy, where people can list and sell the things that they make or design for people to buy. If you are thinking about turning your creativity into a business idea, then here are some of the main things to keep in mind.

Getting the Right Tech

The technology that you are going to need to run your business will depend on the type of products you want to make and sell. If you are making digital art, then tablets for business are a great gadget option to consider as not only can you use them to run many great digital art apps but they are also handy for managing other aspects of your business like bookkeeping, responding to client emails and listing your products for sale.

Creating Your Brand

Before you can get started with selling your creative products online, you will need to create a brand. This includes things like your logo, brand colours, and the type of language you use. Once you have created a brand that you like and represents your business well, keep it as consistent as possible.

Setting Up Your Shop

Once you have decided what you are going to make and sell, it’s time to think about setting up your shop. Etsy is a popular choice for many people since it is a well-known marketplace making it easier for you to find customers compared to starting your own website. However, the fees are quite high, so it might be worth thinking about setting up your own eCommerce store that you can direct new customers to after making their first Etsy purchase. You can hire a designer to do this for you or use an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

Expanding Your Online Presence

Once you have got everything you’re going to need to start your business successfully, have your branding in place and have set up an Etsy shop, website or both, it’s time to think about expanding your online presence. The best way to do this these days is with social media. In fact, you can often advertise your business completely free of charge using a range of social media platforms. Think about who your ideal customers are and the type of social platforms that they are going to use the most. Instagram and TikTok are very visual platforms, so it makes sense that these will usually be the most effective for a creative business. That being said, it’s good to have a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn too.

Whether you like painting, making digital art, sewing, resin crafts or some other kind of creative hobby, there’s definitely a market for selling creative products these days. Thanks to the various tools, marketplaces and devices available, starting your own creative business is something that any artistic person can turn into a reality.