Soundcore boom sound speaker: Your perfect party energizer

Boom speakers from soundcore have ultimate features and specifications. Most of them are water-resistant and comprise long battery life. 

The wireless, customizable and easy to carry speakers that have boom sound capacity is the signature of Soundcore. An incredible speaker with its pros is discussed below.


Flare Mini

Sound quality with the intensity of 360 degrees, the drivers of Flare Mini are stunning. With bassUP technology multi-band DRC, the passive radiators of flare mini produce dual IIR. 


The plus point of the flare mini is its LED technology. These lights glow with the rhythm of music and volume of sound. These glowing lights provide a next-level visual as well as an audio experience.


Flare mini speakers connect via Bluetooth to your device, either a cell phone or laptop. You can connect with a single click and adjust the options with your phone. It does not require complete attention to move forward from the current song, all of that will be set on your smartphone.


The affordable prices of almost all of the boom speakers in each series will fit into your budget. Check out the website and order the motion boom speaker that fits best into your budget, and you’ll get them without compromising the quality features.

Pool friendly 

For a pool party, Flare mini is the perfect partner. You can set your meal around the pool and drop the speaker into it. With the eye-catching glow of lights, it’ll float on water and provide a great music experience. For indoors, you can switch eight individual LEDs and five remarkable lighting modes.


It can even resist complete submersion in water for up to 30 minutes. You can conveniently connect 2 speakers with a single device to get some more. From one charge, you get 12 hours of constant audio and visual fun. It is specially designed with the ability to connect with any device. 


For an extra kick, you can connect two flare speakers with a single device and rock. This speaker works with all the devices, including Apple products, normal laptops, TVs, etc. This product is a must at parties with its 12-hour battery life. 


The battery timing of flare mini is twelve hours after a complete charge. The thumping sounds will energize your party with great accuracy. The battery life of Flare mini is longer than most of its competitors. The Bluetooth mini speakers with non-distorted audio and LED lights that glow with music will be a remarkable addition to your party.


You can stay in contact with the speaker within twenty meters. Bluetooth connectivity with complete accuracy is the specification of Flare mini speakers. 


The budget-friendly, easy to carry, hassle free speakers will be your favourite. You can also connect two speakers with a single smartphone for the ultimate experience of stereo sound.


Customize features of Flare mini with Soundcore application. You can set the modes according to the environment. With super strong connections and customizable features, Flare mini will fit your budget perfectly.


Install Soundcore application 


For more detail on each product of soundcore, download the application of sound core on your smartphone. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. 


The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.


Sound Core Bluetooth speakers are the best choice for parties. They give you an unforgettable experience with mesmerizing audio and ambient visuals with LED lights. 


All these products being waterproof make themselves perfect for any kind of party. So get the party going, with the best of Soundcore products.