SoundCore Products: The Exclusive Black Wireless Headphones

The last decade has changed the technology, gadgets, lifestyle and almost every aspect of life. You do not need to handle the wires of the computer while playing video games or making a graphic design. The wireless hassle-free gadgets make it so much easier to handle them.


Soundcore provides quality products with a lot of pros. Best shipping services, customer reviews and quality products make Soundcore a favourite among its users. Here are some top specs of black wireless headphones from Soundcore.


The property of noise cancellation makes the wireless earphones of Soundcore exclusive. You can get rid of all the unnecessary sounds around you by switching to the corresponding option from the sound core application. You do not need to handle any wire or go into your room to listen to audio.


The more you’ll use the wireless headphones of Soundcore, the more you’ll love them. The incredible quality and exclusive battery life will convince you to stick to these. 


There is a number of features that make these headphones stand high in the competition. Here are some best black wireless headphones by Soundcore that you may like:

Liberty Air 2 

  • Unique shape

The drivers of these headphones are inspired by diamonds that increase the sound frequency. It increases the bandwidth of sound by 15 per cent and provides double bass performance. It is the perfect headphone for office usage with its classic black colour and unique shape.

  • Sound reduction

The unique feature that makes the Liberty Air 2 incredible is its ability to reduce sound up to the surprising limit. Each of the headphones comprises two microphones. The headphones encompass the CVC 8.0 sound reduction feature. 


It rescues almost all of the unnecessary sounds and clears your voice up to 90% during calls and video chats. So the transmission of your voice becomes loud, clear and accurate.

  • Bluetooth connectivity 

You just have to remove the headphones from the case to automatically connect with the paired device. The connectivity feature of these headphones is quite attractive. 

You can use a single or both headphones at a time. There’s no hassle of connecting and pairing with the mobile phone each time you use it.

  •    Smart control

The touch control features of these headphones are eye-catching. You can connect by simple touch and do a lot of stuff. While wearing the headphone, you can turn on and off the earphone, pause or play music, answer phone calls and even activate voice assistants by touching them.


How to Order Black Wireless Headphones Online 


The official website of the sound core allows you to order your favourite item from home. They provide the best shipping services and own the best customer reviews.


For the detail of each product of soundcore, you may download the application of sound core on your smartphone. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. 


You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.


There are multiple eye-catching colour ranges for each headphone. You can select your favourite one. From the application of soundcore, you are enabled to personalize the voice control and management of Bluetooth and EQ modes which are quite diverse.


You can also avail of some discounts during the festive holidays. The affordable prices of almost all of the earphones in each series will fit into your budget. Check out the website and order the earphone that fits best into your budget, and surely you’ll get your headphones without compromising the quality features.