The Truth Behind Jelly Roll’s Wife Before Plastic Surgery

Everyone is familiar with Jelly Roll, the celebrated American rapper, but the woman behind his success, his wife, is a fascinating story of transformation and empowerment. Before diving into her journey to plastic surgery, let’s first get to know the person she was, and still is, behind all the changes.

jelly rolls wife before plastic surgery

Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife?

Jelly Roll’s wife, whose real name is Bunnie Xo, is an influential figure in the entertainment industry. Not only is she the supportive wife of a famous rapper, but she is also a successful model and Instagram influencer with an extensive fan base of her own. Before she ventured into plastic surgery, she was already a striking woman with a unique style and radiant personality.

The Early Life of Bunnie Xo

Born on April 3rd, 1984, Bunnie Xo grew up in a modest family. She had a natural flair for fashion and was popular in her school days due to her charismatic personality. She always believed in body positivity and her philosophy was evident in the way she carried herself with confidence, even before her transformation.

Bunnie Xo’s Journey Towards Plastic Surgery

Bunnie Xo’s decision to go under the knife wasn’t born out of a need to fit in but rather stemmed from her desire to feel better about herself. She went through several surgical procedures to change various aspects of her physical appearance, including breast augmentation and facial surgeries. However, she always maintained that her decision for plastic surgery was purely personal, motivated by her desire to improve her self-esteem and body image.

Changes after Plastic Surgery

Post plastic surgery, Bunnie Xo has become more confident and her social media following has increased manifold. However, she has remained consistent in her support for body positivity, inspiring women to love themselves regardless of societal norms or standards. Bunnie Xo’s transformation has not only changed her physically but has also positively impacted her life and career in many ways.

The Impact of Plastic Surgery on Bunnie Xo’s Life and Career

Bunnie Xo’s transformation post-plastic surgery has significantly contributed to her career in the fashion and entertainment industry. The physical changes have undoubtedly boosted her confidence, making her more comfortable in front of the camera and even more relatable to her followers who respect her for her candidness about her transformation journey.

The Relationship between Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo have been together for years, their relationship predating her plastic surgery. They have often spoken about their mutual love and respect for each other. Jelly Roll has always been supportive of Bunnie’s decisions, including her choice to have plastic surgery. This support was instrumental in Bunnie’s decision and her journey toward self-improvement.


While it’s easy to focus on the physical transformation of Bunnie Xo, what truly stands out is her inner strength and commitment to self-love and body positivity. Her journey isn’t just about her plastic surgery but about a woman who chose to take control of her body and life. Jelly Roll’s wife, before and after plastic surgery, remains a strong, confident woman who inspires many with her life story.

It’s important to remember that every person’s decision to change or not to change their appearance is a deeply personal one, deserving of respect and understanding. Bunnie Xo’s journey serves as a testament to the power of personal choice and the positive impact it can have on an individual’s life and self-esteem.

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