Young Thug Net Worth the American Rapper

Young Thug Net Worth the American Rapper

This post is about Young Thug Net worth, Young Thug is a rapper artist, hip hop a record producer, a writer and also a singer. Young Thug fame in the hip hop rings has been obstinately growing no wonder he has cooperated with world music stars such as Calvin Harris, Gucci Mane, Drake and others.

Young thug net worth

It appearances as if Atlanta where Young Thug bursts from will soon be named the epicenter of rappers with deep pockets. Apart from music Young Thug is watched as a fashion icon and a man with outlandish personality considering his wardrobe which is eccentric in nature. So how did Young Thug accumulate such a fortune as noted on the net worth value. Now let’s have a close look on Young Thugs net worth.

Life Overview

Native by the name Jeffery Lamar Williams he hails from a state where we can certainly call it the epicenter of rappers. His birthplace is Sylvan Hills Atlanta which is a locality to hometown to Peewee Longway, 2 Chainz, and others such as Waka Flocka Flame and Ludacris.

Young Thug Net Worth, Young Thug has a family of six children currently but with four different women. Currently he is engaged to his fiancé Jerrika Karlae and lives in Buckhead Atlanta where he bought a home in 2016.

Young Thug Career, Awards & Achievement

Young Thug profession started off when he caught the attention of Gucci Mane and decided to sign him off to 1017 Brick Squad Records in 2013. He would then release his 4th Mixtape titled 1017 Thug which was named the best mixtape of 2013. The most stand out hit single in the mixtape is “Picacho”. He would later that year release several other singles such as “Stoner”, “Danny Glover”.

In 2014 while still signed to 1017 Brick Squad he signed another management deal with Birdman’s Rich Gang. This year he recorded several songs with Kanye West and Metro Boomin whom they released “The BLanguage”, and “EWW”. Cash Money Records Rich Gang 2 released “Take Care” which was a collabo between Lil Wayne and Young Thug.

In 2015 Young Thug released two Mixtapes Slime Season and the other one Slime Season 2. In 2016 he released I’m Up , Slime Season 3, Jeffery mixtapes. The same year he provided vocals for rapper Drakes hits such as “Ice Melts” and “Sacrifices” and also worked with Calvin Harris on his song “Heatstoke”. In 2017 Young Thug released another mixtape titled Beautiful Thugger Girls and a joint EP with DJ Carnage. He also did a collaborative mixtape titled Super Slimey with the artist Future.

Young thug Music style

Young Thug has established both praise and criticism for his eccentric and unique vocal style, which has been described as departing from traditional rap lyricism and sometimes inarticulate meaning. According to The Fader, “in a typical Young Thug verse, he slurs, shouts, whines and sings, feverishly contorting his voice into a series of odd timbres like a attractively played but broken wind instrument. Pitchfork called his style “extremely distinctive” and “a weird, experimental approach to rapping” while flattering his “presence, persona, mystique, and, hypothetically, star power. Billboard transcribed that

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Thug uses this multiplicative vocal delivery to his benefit: where another rapper might lapse into duplication, he finds a new way to distress and twist his tone, to burrow cleverly into rhythmic cracks and crashes.  Complex noted his aptitude for creating catchy, melodic hooks.  XXL named him a “rap weirdo”, stating that “Thug’s charisma, unhinged flow and hooks make his music intriguing.”[86] Critic Sheldon Pearce wrote that “Thug realizes the modern pop song structure better than anyone: anything and everything can be a hook.

Young Thugs Achievements

Since Young Thug is a newcomer in the industry he hasn’t secured many accolades yet but he has received for nominations in the BET Hip Hop Awards and BET Awards and in addition won an MTV Video Music Award in the category of Best editing in 2017

Young Thug net worth

Estimated to be at $8 million though its highly suspicious considering he is having rent arrears amounting to $2.2 million as Heritage select Homes state in their lawsuit. But in 2016 Young Thug net worth was $6 million, 2015 $5 million which shows a positive growth. Its estimated that now he earns between $1 million to $2 million on annual basis. most of his net worth fortune figures come from sale of music albums, tours and also sponsorship deals.

Young Thug is one of those rappers that can be termed as most promising rappers of the future and obviously he is the list of rappers to watch out in 2018 and the coming years. Although on several occasions he has been arrested with possession of guns, drugs we are hoping he won’t end up as Meek Mill.

Personal life

He has six children by four women, three boys and three girls, his first child being born when Thug was In April 2015, he became affianced to Jerrika Karlae, who runs a costume line and whose mother manages Young Dolph. Thug bought his first home in September 2016 after the publication of his mixtape Jeffery.The home, based in Buckhead, Atlanta

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