Kylie McNeill Biography

Kylie McNeill is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and actor based in New York City. She is best known for being the singing and speaking voice of Belle and Suzu in Mamoru Hosoda’s animated film “Belle” (2021), which premiered in theaters and is now streaming on HBOMax.Some other key points about Kylie:


  • She made her acting debut as the voice of Belle/Suzu in “Belle”. Before this, she did not have any film credits.
  • She was featured in the New York Times as one of the finalists for the Mabel Mercer Foundation’s 31st Annual Cabaret Convention titled “The Future of Cabaret”.
  • She has performed sold-out solo concerts at venues like 54 Below in NYC as well as convention centers and cabaret venues.
  • She is also a songwriter and hopes to release her original album soon. She has been songwriting since age 15 (she is now 21).
  • She attended the Professional Performing Arts School in New York, which has other famous alumni like Britney Spears.
  • Her voice acting in “Belle” was described by the English dub casting director Stephanie Sheh as a “gift” and a “discovery”.

What other projects has Kylie Mcneill worked on?

Kylie McNeill has worked on her voice acting role as Suzu/Belle in the animated film “Belle” (2021). The key information about her previous work experience is:

  • “Belle” (2021) is her first and currently only acting credit. She provided both the speaking and singing voice for the lead character Suzu/Belle.
  • Before “Belle”, she did not have any previous film or TV credits.
  • She has performed her solo music concerts and cabarets but has not released any official music projects yet.
  • In one of the articles, she mentions “I am working on some stuff now” in terms of original music projects she hopes to release in the future. But there are no specifics provided.
  • She also expresses interest in continuing voice acting as well as on-camera acting work but does not mention any other specific upcoming projects.
kylie mcneill

What is Kylie Mcneill’s acting experience?

Kylie McNeill’s acting experience is:

  1. Her breakout and debut voice acting role was as Suzu/Belle in the animated film “Belle” (2021). She provided both the speaking and singing voice for this lead character.
  2. Before “Belle”, she did not have any previous film or TV acting credits.
  3. She has some stage acting experience, including:
  • A role in the off-Broadway show “Runaways” at the New York City Center in 2019
  • Performing in The Public Theater’s Gala Performance of “From Hair to Hamilton”

So in summary, Kylie McNeill’s acting experience consists primarily of her voice role as Suzu/Belle in “Belle”, as well as some theatrical stage performances earlier in her career. “Belle” marks her first on-screen acting role.

Has Kylie Mcneill won any awards for her acting?

Kylie McNeill has not won any awards yet for her acting. The key relevant details regarding awards and recognition for her acting:

  • Her main acting credit so far is providing the voice of Suzu/Belle in the animated film “Belle” (2021).
  • “Belle” received critical acclaim and several nominations and wins, including an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. However, none of the awards recognized individual voice-acting performances.
  • The articles praise McNeill’s voice acting as a “breakthrough role” and a “gift”, but do not mention her winning any awards specifically for her acting in the film.
  • There is no evidence in the search results of McNeill having won awards yet for her acting in “Belle” or any other projects.

So in summary, Kylie McNeill is a multi-talented young performer who had her breakthrough role as the voice of Belle/Suzu in the acclaimed animated film “Belle”. She continues to pursue singing, songwriting, and acting.