Michael Mathers

Michael Mathers the Eminem impersonator

  • He is an Eminem tribute act who has been performing on the UK hip-hop scene since 2004
  • His real name is Mike James
  • He performs hits by Eminem like “Lose Yourself”, “Without Me”, “Stan”, and “Rap God”

Michael Mathers the attorney

  • He is an attorney specializing in estates, trusts, and elder law based in Salisbury, Maryland
  • Born in Panama City, Florida on February 23, 1985
  • Graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work
  • Earned his law degree from the University of Florida
  • He is not Eminem’s half-brother, though he shares the same last name
  • He had a small acting role in the 2005 short film “Phil’s Holiday” directed by Ryan Gardner Smith

What is Michael Mathers’ connection to Eminem?

Michael Mathers is Eminem’s half-brother. Specifically:

  • Michael Mathers and Eminem share the same father, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Michael is Marshall Mathers Jr.’s son from another relationship.
  • Michael is 2 years older than Eminem.
  • Michael grew up not knowing Eminem was his half-brother. He only found out about their relationship later in life when his sister Sarah saw Eminem on TV and recognized the resemblance.
  • Michael lives a private life away from the media spotlight and has not been in contact with Eminem.

Are there any recordings of Michael Mathers performing Eminem’s songs?

Michael Mathers lives a private life away from the media spotlight and has little to no relationship with Eminem.

Michael Mathers who performs as an Eminem impersonator and tribute act is a separate person named Mike James. He performs covers of Eminem’s hits like “Lose Yourself” and “Rap God” in live shows, but there is no mention of him releasing recordings of Eminem’s songs.

Additionally, the song “Marshall Mathers” cited in the is an original track by Eminem referencing his late father. It does not feature vocals or contributions from his half-brother Michael.

So in summary, while one Michael Mathers impersonates Eminem on stage, there is no evidence that Eminem’s actual half-brother has ever recorded or performed covers of Eminem’s music. The sources only indicate he lives privately and is estranged from the famous rapper.

Has Eminem ever mentioned Michael Mathers in any of his songs?

Yes, Eminem has mentioned his half-brother Michael Mathers in the song “Marshall Mathers” from his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP. In the lyrics, Eminem raps: “I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t claim us either
Junkies, lowlifes, immature, irresponsible
Michael, I’m talking to you, you don’t want this shit
24 years old, still can’t handle your liquor”Here Eminem directly references his half-brother Michael, who is 2 years older than him. He tells Michael he doesn’t blame him for not wanting to claim their family, calling them “junkies” and “lowlifes”.The line “Michael, I’m talking to you” makes it explicitly clear he is addressing his half-brother. He also references Michael’s struggles with alcohol at the time.

So in this very personal song, Eminem vents his frustrations with his dysfunctional family while directly calling out his half-brother Michael Mathers. This confirms that yes, Eminem has mentioned Michael in at least one of his recordings.

In summary, there are two separate people named Michael Mathers – one an Eminem impersonator and performer, the other an attorney. They are not related despite having the same name. The attorney Michael Mathers is sometimes falsely claimed to be Eminem’s half-brother.