Plant Records From All Over the World

A leaf that can withstand the weight of a person, a seed that can cause injury, a flower weighing several kilograms, and a plant with an area like the Vatican — our flora has something to surprise a person far from botany. Well, 9 masks of fire demo play will be able to surprise both a beginner and a sophisticated player.

Surely, everyone has ever wondered: “What is the largest plant on the planet?”. No one will answer it accurately and directly, because the concept of “big” includes many parameters. Here we will begin our journey through the records of the plant world with them.

A Plant Propping up the Sky With a Crown

It’s a sequoia. Moreover, those of its specimens grow in North America on the east coast in a specially protected natural park. There the sequoia has its homeland, and there these long-lived plants, whose age has exceeded 800 years, scratch the sky with their crown. The height of the instance named Hyperion is 116 meters. This is more than the Cathedral of Christ the Savior than the monument to the conquerors of space at VDNH, the Statue of Liberty in America, and the Motherland in Volgograd.

It is noteworthy that the exact location of the Hyperion Sequoia is kept secret in order to avoid the pilgrimage of tourists. The fact is that these plant record holders are demanding soil density and botanists are afraid that people, in an effort to see the tallest plant on the planet, will trample and trample the earth around.

A Plant Weighing Like a Freight Train

Six thousand tons. This is the weight of the largest living organism on the planet. It is also the largest in the area. This is a unique Pando grove growing in the U.S. state of Utah. In appearance, it looks like an ordinary forest consisting of homogeneous poplars. But all the trunks of the Pando grove are clones, they are genetically identical and have a common root system. It covers an area of 43 hectares, which is comparable to the Vatican (44 hectares), but that’s not all. Pando Grove has three plant records. The last one is age. According to various estimates, it is from 14 to 18 thousand years old.

Plants in the Stem of Which You Can Get Stuck

The Asian rattan palm can spread its stems to a length of 200-250 meters. Its growth principle is similar to our usual bindweed — rattan needs support to exist. The palm tree easily throws its shoots from one tree to another, and the thorns on the trunks help it cling to other plants. However, if there were no suitable trees nearby, then rattan will grow on the ground, twisting its trunks into tight tight spirals.

Here they are the main feature of the jungle. When we imagine them, consciousness obligingly draws lianas and twisting stems of tropical plants hanging from a height. This is the rattan palm — the record holder for the length of the trunk among plants.