Sculptures and Statues That Are Definitely Worth Seeing

Artists create thousands of statues and sculptures around the world, in this article we will tell you about the coolest of them. 

After seeing these statues, you will definitely never forget them. This is an indescribable feeling of beauty and greatness. Well, if you are not going on a trip yet to see all these beautiful statues, then remember that you can have fun at home by playing buffalo king slot.

Jumped out by Herve-Laurent Erwin

This huge work of art is made of polystyrene. Currently, a sculpture created by the artist Herve-Laurent Erwin is on public display in Budapest, Hungary, against the backdrop of The Four Season Hotel. The artist was famous for creating complex works of art before. The sculpture is located right by the Danube River. The sculpture was first presented at the art market in Budapest in 2014. 

It looks really realistic as if the statue lifted the grass and poked out from under the ground. If you want to see this miracle live, it is better to go there at night, because it is at night that the sculpture looks especially impressive. During the day, of course, she is also good, but in the dark, she is simply amazing. And it is better to see the sculpture both at night and in the light of day.

“Stairway to Heaven” by David McCracken

There is a girl who is sure that everything that glitters is gold. And she buys a ladder to the sky. (A line from the song Led Zeppelin)

Well, since we can’t buy a stairway to heaven, we can only settle for a work of art by the artist David McCracken. The sculpture is laid out on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. The artist used perspective to create the appearance of an ascending staircase. It looks like the stairs really go to heaven. However, you should not climb there, because each step is smaller than the previous one. The structure itself is made of welded aluminum. 

For the first time, the staircase was presented at an open-air sculpture exhibition in Sydney. After the sculpture was unveiled on Bondi Beach, it was moved to the Christchurch Botanical Garden. The author of the work said that he used the Lewis Carroll technique, which is used in puppet theaters when the main character becomes smaller and smaller. Despite the fact that the author did not fully realize his idea, he still created an amazing work of art.

Monument to an Unknown Passer-By, Wroclaw, Poland

The sculpture inspires an unknown passerby to think about the meaning of our existence. The author of this work suggests that from the very birth, society frames us with certain roles and standards: social status, race, and professions. However, what is inside each of us behind this shell? This sculpture raises questions about the real essence of each person, his true nature, which may not be as easy to see as external attributes. The idea of exploring and revealing our inner world makes us wonder whether we will know ourselves if we go beyond our physical body and familiar images.