The incredible transfer saga involving Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stéfano is one of the best players in the history of Real Madrid. Right now you can sign up to 1xBet – go to betting site in Kenya now and start wagering on this squad. During his stay in the team, he became one of their greatest symbols. In fact, he was crucial in helping Los Blancos in winning not one, not two but five European Cups.

Yet, the player came extremely close to becoming part of Barcelona instead. He was basically ready to join the Catalan team, however, at the last minute, a few circumstances changed that led him to the Spanish Capital. Punters can go to the 1xBet Kenya betting site, in which they can wager on Barcelona as well.

A legal dispute

The origin of this dispute can be traced back to a legal dispute in Argentinian football during the 1950s. The professional competitions in that country were in complete chaos. As such, despite having professional contracts, many players elected to just move abroad. Argentinian football can currently be wagered through the online bookmaker.

In total, there are four teams involved in this saga, which are:

  • River Plate from Argentina;
  • Millonarios from Colombia;
  • Barcelona;
  • and Real Madrid.

In 1952, Di Stéfano was playing in Colombia. He had left River Plate a few months prior because of the complete chaos in Argentinian football. If you like to wager on Argentinian and Colombian football, the 1xBet website is a great destination.

However, FIFA recognized River Plate as Di Stéfano official’s club. This created a complicated legal situation.

Separate negotiations

Millonarios traveled to Madrid in 1952 in order to play a match against Los Blancos. The team from the Spanish capital was so impressed with Di Stefano’s performance, that they started negotiating immediately with the Colombian team. You can bet football online only on 1xBet on all the teams involved in these negotiations.

However, since FIFA still saw Di Stéfano as part of River Plate, representatives from Barcelona traveled to Buenos Aires. They went with the purpose of negotiating with the Argentinian team.

Yet, this created a dispute between both Spanish squads, because they had basically negotiated separately, with two different teams, for the same player. A mediator was assigned in order to try to solve the issue. After some weeks of deliberation a compromise was reached. Di Stefano would play 2 seasons in the Spanish capital, and later two seasons with Barcelona. Right now, only on 1xBet can you make online football bets on those two powerful squads.

Yet, Barcelona’s fans didn’t like this agreement. Their president was forced to resign, and the team sold their part to Real Madrid.


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