What Is A Family, And Why Should It Matter?

Although this might seem like a stupid thing to ask, there is a certain level of depth that comes with the word: “family.” There is a multitude of spectrums and lenses that we may come to view, and it’s only fitting that we learn about such views because the family is the most basic unit of society. This is also where we get to learn about ourselves, others and how to live life. Let’s explore these ideas together and learn more about the most basic unit of society. Let’s also talk about ways of maintaining familial bonds and why it matters to maintain them in the first place.

Families exist to be the most basic foundation of human interactions and relationships. A core family involves the father, mother, and offspring. From then on, counting the cousins and grandparents would be called extended families. Oftentimes, families interact in so many ways that it couldn’t be counted as easily. Whether that’s a father teaching his son how to throw a ball, a family planning a getaway with cabin vacation rentals in Biloxi, Mississippi, or just to simply eating together at the dinner table, what happens within a family contributes greatly to how a person is molded. Let’s first try to examine a family from a child’s perspective.

The child within the family

Starting from the moment the child is conceived down to what he or she is at the moment, the parents are the ones most influential to it. Whether that may be the disciplinary actions one might give or the affections that are shown throughout the child’s developmental ages, the family fosters and nurtures the offspring to be a functional member of society. It is then important to leave a good impression on the child in many ways.

For example, the mother should show love and affection, especially at the infancy stage. This is where the child is mostly formed mentally, emotionally, and even physically. The growth spurts an infant takes far dwarf the puberty they may experience later on. Throughout the childhood stage, this is where the mother should show the best balance of care and independence possible in order to give the child the ability to judge and make decisions with utmost rationality and feelings.

The father, on the other hand, should show the same love and affection but also be a good role model to both the daughter and the son. As a father of a son, he should show what it means to be strong and to control emotions, to be gentle and firm in the right situations, and even to protect the family in dangerous scenarios. As a father of a daughter, he should demonstrate through his actions the proper ways of treating a woman via the mother. His love, affection, and care should be a role model that the daughter could reliably take inspiration from because this is how children learn.

The family in action

As a family, it is not only in the children’s eyes that they interact, move, and be dynamic with other members of society. However, the actions done within the family should always aim for the betterment of each individual, as the results of these would emanate to the masses.

If everyone is taught good morals and proper social interactions within their homes, then the society in which these people live would also have good morals and proper interactions. It is the responsibility of parents to raise their children properly, as these people would be the next generation of actors that control and decide what’s good for the community, the city, and even the country to a certain extent. It is, therefore, imperative to protect, nurture, and establish the family with the best environments possible.