Can I Buy Acne Creamy Wash If I Already Use Acne Products?

Look online as an acne sufferer and you’ll find a range of different benzoyl peroxide (BP) products that all claim to be able to rid you of those troublesome breakouts. While no one is doubting their efficacy, a natural question to arise when dealing with multiple types of BP products, is can they be used together? If you choose to buy acne creamy wash, can you also buy and use others that contain BP?

Before we give you the answer. Let’s first give you a brief overview of what BP is and how it helps people with acne enjoy blemish-free skin. 

What is Benzoyl Peroxide?

When people buy acne creamy wash, they do so with a view to getting rid of persistent acne. Topically applied, it’s a medication that is sold in both prescription and over the counter forms and typically comes in concentrations of 2.5%, 5% and 10%.

But, How Does Benzoyl Peroxide Clear Acne?

BP offers a bactericidal action, which basically means that it destroys bacteria – the primary factor that drives chronic acne. Eliminating Cutibacterium Acnes bacteria from the surface of the skin, and indeed from inside hair follicles and pores. It essentially interrupts the process of a pimple forming. 

So Can You Use Mulitple BP Products?

In all honesty, you don’t want to be using more than one BP product at the same time. No one’s saying that you can’t use them separately (i.e. 2 weeks of acne wash followed by 2 weeks of another BP product), but you shouldn’t use them concurrently. 

When you buy acne creamy wash, you can’t be layering it with other BP options. Sure, everyone wants their acne to go as quickly as humanly possible, but if you combine them, you’re just going to cause skin issues for yourself. 

What Happens When You Combine Them?

Skin can only take so much BP, even when it’s resilient and healthy. So, when you overuse it, you can end up with reddened, peeling, dry and even flaking skin. What’s more, if you use it at the same time as Retinol products, it actually deactivates its effect – but only in some cases.

When applying it, you have to be careful about where your acne wash goes, as while it helps clear acne it can play havoc with hair and clothes. 

Let any of it touch your hair or your clothes and it will invariably result in discoloration. However, so long as you rinse everything off, dry thoroughly and wash your hands, you should have no such issues.

Buy Acne Creamy Wash But Don’t Combine BP Products

So, there you have it. On no account should you combine BP products, unless, of course, your dermatologist recommends that you do. In this case, they will have a very good reason why that is – so don’t be afraid to ask why.

Follow the advice shown here and you’ll avoid irritation, allowing you to get the full benefit of what BP offers to acne sufferers.