Jimmie Allen’s Wife (Alexis Gale) Ethnicity

Jimmie Allen is a famous American country music singer and songwriter. His wife is Alexis Gale, a registered nurse from Milton, Delaware.


Alexis Gale’s ethnicity is African-Asian. Her father Tyrone Gale Jr. is of African descent and her mother Ellyne Gale is of Asian descent.

Alexis met Jimmie in the spring of 2019 through a cousin’s wife. They got engaged in June 2019 and married on May 27, 2021, in a private ceremony.

Alexis grew up in Milton, Delaware with her younger sister Ashley. Her father Tyrone is in the transportation industry and was involved in a serious Walmart truck accident in 2014 where he was injured and his friend was killed.

Does Jimmie Allen’s wife have cancer?

There is no indication that Alexis Gale has cancer. She keeps a low profile compared to her famous husband but supports Jimmie’s music career.

Who is Jimmie Allen’s wife?

Jimmie Allen’s wife is Alexis Gale, an African-Asian American nurse from Delaware. Her ethnicity is a mix of her African-American father and Asian mother. She married Jimmie in 2021 after getting engaged in 2019.

I have provided a concise summary of the key details about Alexis Gale and her relationship with Jimmie Allen. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

Based on the search results, Alexis Gale has an African-Asian ethnic background:


  • Alexis Gale is of mixed African-American and Asian ethnicity.
  • Her father, Tyrone Gale Jr., is African American.
  • Her mother, Ellyne Gale, is Asian.

So in summary, Alexis Gale has a multi-ethnic background, with her father being African American and her mother being Asian. This mix of ethnicities contributes to her distinctive appearance.


  • Alexis Gale holds American nationality, having been born in the United States.

In terms of her nationality, Alexis Gale is American. But her ethnic makeup is a blend of her parents’ backgrounds – African American from her father’s side and Asian from her mother’s side.

Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale’s Relationship:

  • Met in spring 2019 and got engaged after just 2 months of dating in June 2019
  • Married on June 18, 2020, in a private ceremony
  • Have 3 daughters together – Zara James, Naomi Bettie, and one born in 2022
  • Announced separation in April 2022 while revealing they were expecting another baby
  • Both filed for divorce in April 2022 but were still working on a relationship as of July 2022
  • In October 2022, a rep said they decided to work things out and are still together


What is Alexis Gale’s ethnicity?

Alexis Gale has an African-Asian ethnic background. Her father is African American and her mother is Asian.

What nationality is Alexis Gale?

Alexis Gale was born in the United States so she holds American nationality.

What race is Alexis Gale?

Alexis Gale is multiracial with both African American and Asian heritage from her parents.

What is Alexis Gale’s background?

Alexis Gale was born and raised in Milton, Delaware. Her father Tyrone is in the transportation business and her mother is Ellyne Gale.

In summary, Jimmie Allen and their wife Alexis Gale have gone through ups and downs but appear to be back together now. Alexis has a mixed ethnicity with an African-American father and an Asian mother.